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Sam Short Shows The World How To Release A Perfect Debut EP with Faulty Wiring

Sam Short Shows The World How To Release A Perfect Debut EP with Faulty Wiring

Sam Short is an American singer-songwriter who uses her amazing talent for singing and songwriting to be a mental health advocate by writing songs about female resilience, body positivity, and more. Her debut EP, Faulty Wiring, which was released on August 18, 2023, carries on this advocacy with its raw vulnerable lyricism. A more perfect debut does not exist.

I wrote this project during a time in which I felt I had truly hit rock bottom. I didn’t trust my mind, and I didn’t trust myself. Each song on my EP Faulty Wiring details my experience with my own toxic tendencies, my obsession with melancholia, and pure disillusionment.

Sam Short

And something else that Faulty Wiring should be mentioned and praised for: the entire project was crafted by women! We love to see someone not just talk, but have the actions to back it up.

Picture of Sam Short facing a building through a window.
Image Credits: Callum Walker Hutchinson

Let’s just jump into it now!


Honestly, this just says enough for the entire EP. We could end it here, with just the name of the song ‘Masterpiece‘ and it would perfectly encapsulate all that we have to say about Sam Short’s Faulty Wiring. But we won’t. We need to rant!

Can we just take a moment for those “ahh”s? Because they sound heavenly. This song is the one for those of you who love (and wish for) the enemies-to-lovers trope. The ones that always find themselves falling for the villain or bad boy. The ones that love the “he hates everyone but me” trope. All of you, Sam Short created your national anthem.

If I said he was nice / Baby, that would be a lie / He’s a sick, sick freak / He’s a sweet release, he’s a masterpiece / My love is a mindless flight risk / He’s a villain, he’s a saint

‘Masterpiece’ – Faulty Wiring by Sam Short

We mean, need we say more?


You know what has got us ‘Hooked?’ This EP! ‘Hooked‘ has an amazing beat and the strings! Ahhh. We love it! We are definitely dancing along to yet another dancey vibe song with sad lyrics. This song shows off Sam Short’s skills of backup vocals too because damn, they sound good!

We also feel extremely called out by this song. All the depressed, self-sabotaging girlies will love this one…

‘Cause being broke is hard at 23 / Go write another sad song / And play it for my poor mom / Anything so she feels bad for me / (“Samantha, this is so depressing”)

‘Hooked’ – Faulty Wiring by Sam Short

Yeah, we have nothing to say except:

I think I’m hooked on feeling low

‘Hooked’ – Faulty Wiring by Sam Short

Like yes, Sam! Thank you for giving us a song that is so vulnerable but also shows off our self-sabotaging and toxic selves. We love being self-aware by your side.

‘I Wouldn’t Love Me’

Um, ouch.

Again, another song that calls us out in the worst, yet best way possible. The vulnerability and self-awareness. Just oh my God. I don’t think we can say anything that will do ‘I Wouldn’t Love Me‘ or the way it makes us feel justice. Ignoring the lyrics, the music is so fun and the beat really makes you want to dance along. Literally crying as we dance along as if we are ecstatic. The song is talking to a partner and telling them they (the singer) understand if the partner wants to leave them because if they were in their partner’s shoes, they wouldn’t love themselves either because they are messed up in many ways. You just have to listen to it to understand what we are trying to say.

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Baby, yeah I know that I’m a shit show / And you’d be better off just being alone / So I don’t blame you if you wanna go / Cause I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t love me

‘I Wouldn’t Love Me’ – Faulty Wiring by Sam Short

‘Faulty Wiring’

This one’s for the depressed and anxious girlies. We don’t even hate being called out by Sam Short because ‘Faulty Wiring‘ makes us feel so understood. The song just perfectly talks about how one feels like there is something wrong with them but they’ll just blame it on the chemical imbalance in their brain and take a pill that the doctor prescribed to not be living, but just be surviving. Hits us right in the feels.

BRB, we’re gonna go blast this song and have a short crying, music therapy session.

Is it really living if I’m just surviving? / Is there something missing if I need a pill to fight it? / I know, I know it’s crazy to say this / I don’t, I don’t, I don’t even mean it / Blame it on the science / Oh, I’ve just got faulty wiring

‘Faulty Wiring’ – Faulty Wiring by Sam Short

‘Hooked (Stripped)’

Would you hate us for saying we love this version more than the normal one? Oops? It just sounds so good. Sam Short’s voice is so beautiful and the stripped version allows it to shine like it should. Once again, shout out to those backup vocals.

Faulty Wiring, The EP

Overall, Sam Short’s debut EP is a ‘Masterpiece’ that has us ‘Hooked.’ The raw vulnerability, the self-awareness, the amazing beats, the lyrics, Sam Short’s voice, and last but not least the representation that we depressed, anxious, and self-sabotaging people get for our Faulty Wiring. ‘We Wouldn’t Love Us’ but we do love Sam Short’s debut and we cannot wait for more music by her!

What song off of Sam Short’s Faulty Wiring is your favorite? Are you excited for more music? Let us know in the comments below or over on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter at @thehoneypop!


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