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Spreading Self-Love Vibes: Three Things We Love About Hwasa.

Spreading Self-Love Vibes: Three Things We Love About Hwasa.

We’ve been eagerly counting down the days when it comes to Hwasa’s solo music; we’ve been doing that for around two years. But 2023 has been full of fabulous releases and Hwasa has given us another to add to our playlist. While she’s been busy globetrotting with her girls in MAMAMOO, she also made the move to P Nation in June. And, ‘I Love My Body’ marks her first release since. So, in the spirit of spreading self-love vibes, we’re throwing some love right back and exploring three things we adore about Hwasa.

The Messaging In ‘I Love My Body’

Lyrically, Hwasa’s release encourages fans to embrace every part of themselves, even those that society may deem different. She emphasizes that uniqueness sets us apart and we should be proud of ourselves.

In ‘I Love My Body,’ Hwasa sheds light on society’s beauty standards and critiques them. This perspective from a powerful woman represents the kind of female-led empowerment that plays a significant role in shaping fans’ mindsets and the next generation of female artists. That’s why we simply can’t get enough of the song and love Hwasa for boldly breaking boundaries. Plus, the chorus “yeah that’s my body, check out my lovely tummy” is the perfect new daily positive affirmation.

Her Fashion Both On And Off-Screen

If you love keeping up with fashion, particularly in the K-pop universe, you’ve definitely seen Hwasa. She is known for making bold statements with her style and for all the right reasons. However, as Hwasa addresses in ‘I Love My Body,’ society has a very black-and-white way of thinking. Over the years, the media has continuously scrutinized her fits, claiming they do not fit the Korean beauty standards.

That’s why we adore Hwasa for her style. Not only is she critiquing the idea of conforming to societal expectations through clothes – again, the idea of staying true to yourself and rejecting superficial interactions is showcased in ‘I Love My Body.’ But through fashion, Hwasa has always expressed authenticity. Whether it’s on-stage looks or airport fits. Plus, as do all our honeybees, she looks effortlessly flawless in everything she wears.

Image Courtesy of P Nation

Captivating Vocals

Hwasa’s vocal talents never go unnoticed by The Honey POP! Her rapping and singing are unparalleled and her harmonies are out of this world. In fact, if Hwasa wrote a book on harmonizing, sharing all her secrets to creating the perfect tune, we’d all be experts; she’s just that good! Her singing shines, whether singing with her long-time girl group MAMAMOO, which she’s been a part of since 2014, or layering her harmonies in her solos.

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When powerful women preach the importance of self-love in a society that keeps throwing hurdle after hurdle, we will always make sure they feel the love back. We want to celebrate everyone’s uniqueness! How does ‘I Love My Body’ by Hwasa encourage you to love yourself? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @thehoneypop!


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