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Stray Kids Write Their Own History With ‘Social Path’

Stray Kids Write Their Own History With ‘Social Path’

Stray Kids continue to blow us away in 2023 with the release of their new Japanese comeback: ‘Social Path.’ This comeback is extra special just because we did not just get one title track but two, and they’re both incredible.

Stray Kids are making their own path and their own history, and we’re here for it.

‘Super Bowl’

The first song released from this EP was the Japanese version of ‘Super Bowl.’ This song was, of course, released earlier this year in June as a b-side in 5-STAR. But the story behind this song goes way further than that. ‘Super Bowl’ was supposed to be the title track of GO LIVE instead of ‘God’s Menu.’ And we all know how much history ‘God’s Menu’ holds, but ‘Super Bowl‘ definitely deserved its moment to shine. And here it is.

They might have released one of their best and most fun music videos yet with ‘Super Bowl.’ The references to cooking (as a metaphor for making music) and, of course, American football. Along with killer choreography, this music video truly stands out. It’s addictive to watch it – believe us, we’ve watched it a million of times by now.

‘Social Path’ ft. LiSA

‘Social Path’ is such a special moment in Stray Kids’ history. The collaboration with the legendary singer LiSA alone makes this an insane release, but the song itself is mindblowing. ‘Social Path’ might be one of Stray Kids’ most personal songs to date. They sing about their experience as trainees and fighting to debut. It’s about the sacrifices and pains of being a trainee while believing in their dreams. With a rock sound and addictive melodies, ‘Social Path’ is incredibly impactful. The bridge is mindblowing. And the addition of LiSA makes the chorus hit even harder.

The music video is also incredible, with shots and settings that portray each member’s fears. The cinematography is insane, and the choreography is insane – as usual. ‘Social Path’ feels raw, personal, and an important page in Stray Kids’ history.


But let’s not forget about ‘Butterflies,’ the only b-side in this EP. This is a cute song with a bossanova-inspired beat. Their vocals sound soft and comforting, making way for one of Stray Kids’ most cute love songs. ‘Butterflies’ sits right at the same table as ‘Hoodie Season’ if you ask us.

What makes this song even more fun is that Bang Chan talked about it and teased it a long time ago. He even played part of it in one of his Chan’s Room lives. He explained that what inspired him to write the song was a butterfly landing on his nose. And it made way for this amazing addition to Stray Kids’ discography.

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This release comes in the midst of Stray Kids’ insane 5-STAR DOME Tour, and they truly never fail to amaze us. With three songs, this EP has it all and represents Stray Kids incredibly well. We’ll be replaying these songs nonstop until further notice. And we can wait to see what else they have in store for us in what’s left of 2023.

What is your favorite song out of Social Path? Which music video are you the most obsessed with? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

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