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Pick Your Favorite Track From pretty poison By Nessa Barrett For Your Perfect Movie Recommendation!

Pick Your Favorite Track From pretty poison By Nessa Barrett For Your Perfect Movie Recommendation!

Two years ago Nessa Barrett gave us pretty poison: one of the most compelling, chilling, lyrically magnetic EPs we’ve ever heard. And yes, we know that’s high praise but we mean it. pretty poison is perfect. It will make you cry, it’ll make you think, and it’ll make you feel invincible. To us, pretty poison is pretty powerful.

Since its release, pretty poison has become a soundtrack for the movie we call our lives. So, we have to wonder: What movie soundtrack would each track perfectly represent?

‘pretty poison’ – Jennifer’s Body

Nothing gives us bad b*tch energy like ‘pretty poison’ and if there’s one thing that Jennifer Check radiates it’s bad b*tch energy. Even the lyrics give off that succubus vibe. “I’m in your veins like pretty poison” You’re addicted to her and can’t get her out of your mind… and as Nessa says, “Everybody wants a taste.”

‘keep me afraid’ – Gone Girl

Another movie that we won’t spoil the ending for (because it’s just that good,) but we assure you the lyrics, “‘Cause in the end, I know you’ll get everything you give.” definitely make us think about Gone Girl. Thrilling and compelling, we think it’s a match made in heaven for ‘keep me afraid’ lovers. Viewer discretion is advised!

‘i hope ur miserable until ur dead’ – Revenge

Nothing says revenge like telling someone, “I hope you’re miserable until you’re dead.” But Nessa said it with her whole chest and we scream it at the top of our lungs at every show. If this is your favorite song from pretty poison then we recommend you check out the 2017 French thriller Revenge!

‘grave’ – Corpse Bride

This one might be a little on the nose, but if you’re a ‘grave’ girlie, then we know Corpse Bride is definitely one of your top movie picks (even when it’s not spooky season!) That means that not only do you have amazing taste in song choices, but movies – just like Nessa. She loves Corpse Bride, too!

‘scare myself’ – Ginger Snaps

Ginger Snaps is one of the greatest teen monster flicks of the 2000s and ‘scare myself’ is by far our favorite from pretty poison. It only makes sense these two would make the perfect pair. We won’t spoil the movie if you’ve never seen it, but let’s just say one girl finds herself turning into the monster she thought only lived under her bed and scares everyone… including herself.

‘i wanna die’ – Fatal Attraction

Warning, this movie may be a little too intense (and risque) for younger audiences, but if you’ve seen Fatal Attraction you know that it’s a classic! We can’t help but think about the obsessive vixen Alex Forrest when we hear the words, “I wanna die when you touch my body. Every time you stop, my skin starts crawlin’. My, oh, my, you made my life. So, someone better read my rights. I wanna die.”

See Also

‘sincerely’ – The Twilight Saga

From Twilight to Breaking Dawn, the franchise has everything: romance and danger; loss and love. In the end, Bella finally gets her happy ending which is all she ever wanted. That’s why we think ‘sincerely’ stans also make the best Twilight stans – because in the end she’s following her heart and it doesn’t matter if anyone else understands.

Which track from pretty poison by Nessa Barrett is your favorite? Let us know in the comments or find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @thehoneypop. Looking to connect with other music fans just like you? Join the Honey POP discord today!


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