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The Honey POP’s 5 Favorite JP Saxe Songs To Prepare For A Grey Area !

The Honey POP’s 5 Favorite JP Saxe Songs To Prepare For A Grey Area !

His entire discography. End of article.

Just kidding, kind of. Obviously, if we could, we would leave it at that because we are that obsessed with everything JP Saxe has ever done. Alas, we know that we can’t choose them all, so we’ve narrowed it down to the top 5 songs we couldn’t live without if JP decided to take his music off streaming services!

‘A Little Bit Yours’

‘I let myself want you, I let myself hope / I let myself feel things I know that you don’t / You’re not mine anymore / But I’m still a little bit yours’

If you like the feeling of your soul being absolutely crushed when you listen to music, JP Saxe made the perfect song for you. No, but seriously, ‘A Little Bit Yours’ is one of our all-time favorite JP Saxe songs because of its eerie sadness. Whenever we need a good cry, we just pop it on, and boom! Sobs instantly. JP did his job with this one.

‘Like That’

‘No one’s ever loved me like that / 3AM in a hospital bed, runnin’ high on my meds / Sayin’, “No one’s ever loved me like that” / Tell me, “No, you don’t have to be strong, you’re allowed to be wrong” / No one’s ever loved me like that’

When we say this is a comfort song, we mean it. Everyone has their ‘song of the summer,’ but we think that this song is the song of our lives. We are hopeless romantics to our core, and honestly, we blame this song. Living out this song has become one of our biggest life goals. (That and a concert with all of our favorite artists.)

‘Here’s Hopin’

’Cause we were really somethin’ / Weren’t we? / We were really everything I ever thought / That lovin’ someone could be / Here’s hopin’ I’m wrong’

‘Here’s Hopin’ that A Grey Area has songs like this one on it. Was that too cheesy? We sincerely apologize. (We aren’t really sorry; you already know puns are our thing.) This song is like a warm hug. Anytime that this song plays, we can’t help but sing along. JP Saxe is genuinely an artist; the proof is in this song’s pudding.

‘Caught Up On You’

‘But can I embrace what I still can’t make sense of? / Home’s the first place you tried runnin’ away from / It’s hard to explain and I kinda don’t want to / All that to say, I can’t wait to get caught up on you’

You’d be very mistaken if you thought we weren’t adding this absolute masterpiece. JP Saxe most definitely took a look inside our brains for this one. Every little detail in this song has us lying on the HQ floor, giggling and laughing. In our opinion, this is yet another win in the JP Saxe stan column, and if this is what the entire album will sound like? Count us in.

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‘Everything Ends’ (ft. Lizzy McAlpine and Tiny Habits)

‘Maybe if my memory was better / I’d be less afraid of losing what I can’t remember / Ooh, I wouldn’t change a thing Everything ends / Everything ends except us’

The release of this song changed how we view music as a whole. This was by far one of our favorite collabs of the century. Lizzy McAlpine and JP Saxe’s voices pair together so nicely and don’t get us started on the Tiny Habits harmonies. This song is a work of art and deserves to be in a museum. However, that would work.

The Honey POP For JP Saxe!

We here at The Honey POP live proudly as the leaders of the JP Saxe Fanclub. Everything about him and the music he makes keeps us coming back for more. Mark your calendars because on September 22nd, JP Saxe is set to release A Grey Area, and we’re going to make it everyone’s problem. And there’s a tour !?!! Insanity in the JP Saxe Fanclub. Insanity.

What are your top 5 JP Saxe songs? (No, you can’t say all of them. We tried.) Are you excited for A Grey Area? Have you been enjoying the singles? Let us know in the comments below, or meet us over on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram! We love fangirling with all of you guys! You can also find us on Discord, where the magic happens.


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