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Here’s Everything We Know About Charlotte Sands’ Debut Album can we start over?

Here’s Everything We Know About Charlotte Sands’ Debut Album can we start over?

charlotte sands debut album can we start over?

Are we dreaming? Is this real life? Someone pinch us! Because Charlotte Sands is releasing her debut album, can we start over? next year! We consider ourselves massive stans of this absolute icon so this is truly a dream come true! Not only did Charlotte Sands give us this glorious album announcement, but she also blessed us with her new single, ‘use me!’

Now that we’ve finally pinched ourselves enough to know this is reality, let’s talk about it! Charlotte Sands will gift us her debut album, can we start over?, on January 24th. That’s just three days after the one-year anniversary of the release of her EP, Love and Other Lies! Time really flies! (Ooh, that rhymed!)

charlotte sands can we start over? debut album
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Considering what we’ve heard from Charlotte Sands’ music so far, we’re prepped and ready for her can we start over? album to include gorgeous sentiments and powerful messages in all the song lyrics. Because, after all, Charlotte Sands is a creative genius who amplifies relatability and empowerment throughout all of her music. She not only writes the songs for herself, but she also writes the songs for us, too, and we love her for it!

I hope this album conveys strength, confidence, and power within vulnerability. It feels like holding a mirror to myself and reflects exactly how I feel right now in this phase of my life. I feel more secure in who I am as a person and as an artist than I’ve ever been.

Charlotte Sands

Charlotte Sands originally announced the arrival of her debut album, can we start over?, on her Discord server. So if you’re not a member you’re severely missing out! In her Discord, she mentioned it’ll include 10 brand-new tracks for us to love. Honestly? We’re already wishing away the rest of the year to get to January as fast as we can. We need this album now.

Her New Single, ‘use me,’ Is The Perfect Taste Of What’s To Come

Charlotte Sands’ new single, ‘use me,’ is a pop-rock anthem that fully embodies the pure creative talent we can expect to hear in the rest of the songs on can we start over? ‘use me’ is all about being a constant people pleaser and having that dreaded feeling of coming up short of what’s expected. It’s letting go of those pressures, choosing to be true to who you are, and being the best version of yourself that you can be.

Creating this song was a really therapeutic experience and I felt a million times lighter afterwards. I hope it makes you feel powerful and reminds you to not put too much weight on other people’s opinions of you. Only you truly know who you are.

Charlotte Sands

With ‘use me’ as our first taster of what’s to come, we just know that Charlotte Sands has created pop-rock perfection with her debut album, can we start over?

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Now, please excuse us while we blast ‘use me’ and all the rest of Charlotte Sands’ songs on repeat. We’re so excited to see her continue to thrive in the future! We love her so much!

For more information and to pre-order can we start over? you can visit Charlotte Sands’ website.

What do you think of Charlotte Sands ‘use me?’ Are you excited for her debut album, can we start over? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @thehoneypop! You can also find us on Discord, Facebook, and Instagram.


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