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Our Dream Niall Horan The Show Live On Tour Setlist – Singing, Dancing, Crying, Moaning

Our Dream Niall Horan The Show Live On Tour Setlist – Singing, Dancing, Crying, Moaning

Songwriter extraordinaire and instrument nurturer, with a voice like graveled velvet and performances that make our knees hot – Niall Horan is everything. And that’s just his artistic qualities! Our unbothered, well-moisturized king is a breath of fresh air and a constant focal point in our lives. There’s nothing this man can’t do, except season his chicken, and every day that is touched by having Niall in it, is just a better day all around. Like right now, as we get to look forward to the next era of Niall. Yes – that means tour!

Niall Horan has been a busy bee with the release of his UK number 1 album The Show, and wracking up his festival credits, but soon, it’ll be all him! The Show – Live On Tour 2024 kicks off on February 20th in Belfast, with 68 tour stops so far, including a newly announced second UK and Ireland leg too! It has been 84 years since Niall toured (Alexa, play ‘My Heart Will Go On’), and we could not be more excited to see Niall back home on stage. If you haven’t already, you’re gonna need to run, like properly run, and get your tickets now!

My favourite thing in the world is being on tour. Performing my songs for my fans and sharing those incredible moments together are the reason why I write music in the first place. This is going to be my best tour yet and I cannot wait to see all you ‘lovers’ on the road in 2024. […] Niall Horan

Our Dream Setlist

But what will he sing?! The Show – Live On Tour 2024 promises a setlist from across all three of Niall Horan’s phenomenal albums. But that’s like… 37 songs? We’re managing our expectations that we aren’t getting every song Niall has made (although, sir, if you want to do that, we’re here for it). However, there are some that we don’t think should be up for debate. We’re so here for a The Show forward setlist, as the tour name suggests, but we have a “Flicker of hope” for a few nostalgic treats! These are the Niall songs that make us want to dance, run through a wall, and fall to the floor in a puddle, they simply have to be on the setlist and we will die on this hill. So without further ado, here’s our dream setlist from across Flicker, Heartbreak Weather, and The Show.



Obviously. Do we even need to explain? If you need us at the concert, you’ll find us in the corner, quietly weeping. This is one of the most sublime songs to ever exist. Please give us the moment of the entire crowd singing “please don’t leave.” Imagine that at the final concert in London on September 3rd 2024. We won’t be okay, actually.

‘This Town’

How could we not include the song that started it all? ‘This Town’ introduced us to Niall’s solo sound in the most deliciously beautiful way possible. We’ll always carry this song with us, and we cannot wait to experience arenas full of people harmonizing (ish) this beautiful ballad and hometown love story, with Niall.

‘Too Much To Ask’

Why are we picking the songs that hurt us the most? This was genuinely unintentional but we’ve just become self aware, and we’ll have a chat with our therapist. We just really want to hear him sing. Give us those sad bops and let us sit in our feelings. We want Niall Horan’s voice cascading over us. We think things will be healed in us. No pressure, Niall.

‘Slow Hands’

We want ‘Slow Hands’ on the setlist. And if Niall decides to throw in that hip thrust and the growls of “I just wanna take my time,” and “yeah”…. well then, so be it.

‘The Tide’

There you go, a faster bop so you don’t worry about us too much. We’re fine, we promise. Are we delulu for wanting a deluxe track on the setlist? Yeah, probably. We’re good with that. But just imagine the drums of that disgracefully heavy chorus filling arenas across the world…. We want to feel it in our tummies.

Heartbreak Weather

‘Heartbreak Weather’

Of course. The title track of the album that never toured, our life history needs to include hearing this song live, and experiencing the energy of Niall Storm with our actual eyeballs. We’re also envisaging the most adorable weather themed fan projects…. the options are endless! Imagine the pit full of little yellow rain coats….

‘Put A Little Love On Me’

Imagine 20,000 people singing “You’re the only one I need” to Niall, in unison, while holding love hearts or lighting the arena in red. We have goosebumps. And the strings?! Niall Horan, a spotlight, maybe a cheeky little B-stage, live strings, and that bridge….

‘Dear Patience’

If/when Niall Horan sings ‘Dear Patience’ on tour, you’ll never hear from us again. Since the second that Niall performed this at his live-stream concert from the Royal Albert Hall, we have dreamed about experiencing it in a room full of people. An arena full of people with the same intentions and the same love for Niall, united to the sound of violin warmth. This would be a religious experience and we are begging for it to be on the setlist.


We just need to hear Niall Horan belt “You’re still not here” from deep in his soul. Sure to get every single person moving and the floor shaking, ‘Everywhere’ is the ultimate arena anthem, filling us with every drop of energy and pure happiness. We cannot wait to see Niall perform this on tour.


Oh god, we’re going to be dehydrated, aren’t we? If we experience Niall Horan whistling the end notes of ‘Still’ in a sold out arena, on his world tour, you’re going to have to phone our Mom to come pick us up. That’s all, thanks.

The Show

‘Save My Life’

After, we’ll admit, an emotional mess of setlist wishes, we know ‘Save My Life’ is going to bring us back from the deep end. We’re not beyond saying that live music can absolutely save people. Tours for so many fans, including us, are hopes, motivators, and can be a place where, for those 2 hours or so, life’s difficulties fade. As fans, we’ve known the feeling of “I’m starting to feel like you might save my life,” and we can’t wait to use our voices to let Niall know that.

‘On A Night Like Tonight’

Arguably one of Niall Horan’s smoothest and sexiest songs, ‘On A Night Like Tonight‘ really is a requirement for this tour. We’re going to need that “Yeah” (IYKYK). We’re going to need to experience Niall Horan growl that at us. We need it, biblically. Thanks for coming to our Ted Talk.

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‘The Show’

Show opener? Say less. Us all screaming “Hold tight get ready for the ride” at the start of Niall Horan’s concert, and then literally experiencing ‘The Show?’ This fits like a glove and we’re losing it. It would be the most satisfying set list placement ever, and don’t even talk to us about taking the roof off when that bridge comes in.


This song means the world to us, and we know, to so many of you too. We all collectively need to hear this, for our souls. Think of it as group therapy in a concert arena. This would be such a special for moment for all of us, Niall included, and we hope so much that we all get to share that experience. We’re so excited to sing this with Niall – to him, to ourselves, and to each other.

There’s nothing better than watching the crowd sing back to you with all that emotion on their faces and knowing that they’re attaching the song to something meaningful in their own lives. To me, that’s always the greatest thing that can ever come from songwriting.”  

Niall Horan


Can anyone else 100% imagine this closing the show? The heavy drum line filling the room, demanding our final shreds of energy with our little sore feet, as we come together to declare “it doesn’t get, doesn’t get better than this.” Oh, we’re in bits now. The lead single for The Show, closing The Show – Live On Tour 2024 tour, would just be perfection. We will have literally died and gone to ‘Heaven.’

What’s Your Dream Setlist?

Disagree with us? Don’t @ us if your fave song isn’t listed, because believe us, this entire process has been like choosing a favorite child. What would be your dream setlist for The Show – Live On Tour 2024? Where will you be seeing Niall Horan? We hope to get to meet you there, and enjoy the wonder of our Irish prince, together. Until then, stay moisturized besties, stream The Show, and spread the love, like the “Lovers” you truly are.

We want celebrate to Niall Horan with you. It’s what we do 95% of the day anyway, maybe you wanna join us? We’re going to need you to tweet us at @thehoneypop or visit us on Facebook and Instagram.


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