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Exclusive Interview: Taylor Felt On Being More Vulnerable, ‘Days Like This,’ And More

Exclusive Interview: Taylor Felt On Being More Vulnerable, ‘Days Like This,’ And More

Honey Bees, it has been a while since we heard from and talked to Taylor Felt, but she has been cooking up new music for the past two years, and we were more than ready for it. Taylor just dropped her new single ‘Days Like This,’ and it goes without saying that it is a bop!

Taylor has obviously started to open up way more through her music, and her new song and upcoming EP truly showcase that. We talked with her about her music, making song-inspired drinks and the perfect playlist to accompany ‘Days Like This.’ Keep scrolling for more!

Image Source: Ahlyia Rios-Lopez with Purpose Media

Hey Taylor, it has been a while since we last interviewed you, but we are so happy to get the opportunity again! Especially since we are celebrating your new single ‘Days Like This’ today! How do you feel about the song finally being out in the world?
So excited to talk with you guys again! I honestly feel so grateful to be able to release my art & share a piece of my heart to the world. At first, it was a little scary to release something personal and vulnerable, but now since it’s out in the universe, I actually feel free. 

We get the feeling that you have gotten even more personal in your music. What has inspired this change? How does it feel tackling such personal topics in your music?
Yes definitely way more personal, maybe sometimes a little too honest! What inspired me to go deeper was the transformative experiences I went through these past two years, dealing with grief, heartbreak & feeling completely lost. I had to break down to build myself up and writing songs was my medicine. I’ve been in the studio with my insanely talented best friends, Deion Gill (Executive Producer), ALXi, Dré Pinckney, Major Myjah and created the most vulnerable music I’ve ever made. 

Your EP is something we cannot wait for, and it is so far yet so close. Do you have a secret nickname or codename for your EP until it is out? Would you share it with us?
I don’t know if I can give too much away just yet, but it’s definitely starting to blossom…

The music video for ‘Days Like This’ seems especially fun and must have been a blast filming. What’s your favorite memory from the set?
It was so much fun, besides some of us getting food poisoning on the trip. My friends and I flew to NYC to celebrate the creation of this beautiful music we made and I thought why not shoot the music video for ‘Days Like This.’ We went out to eat the first night and some of us got bad food poisoning and we were worried we weren’t gonna feel good enough to film. Luckily after some rest we felt better and filmed the music video in two days! My favorite moments have to be running through the subway station, the skatepark, and dancing on my friend’s rooftop in the freezing cold!

Speaking of the music video, we love the opening scene of it. Could you tell us where and when this was filmed and why exactly this was the scene to open the music video with?
So we actually filmed this in my living room in my apartment! I wanted the video to start off with my partner and I turning on the TV and watching what my life would be like if I was single. By the end of the video I turn off the TV and I’m back into my reality with my partner asleep and wishing that I was single. If I knew how much happier I’d be single, I would’ve broken up with my ex sooner!

Image Source: Ahlyia Rios-Lopez with Purpose Media

If you could create a playlist around ‘Days Like This,’ which songs would be on it? 
Ooo I love this question, I actually have a playlist on my Spotify called “i wish i was single”. Definitely ‘Since U Been Gone’ by Kelly Clarkson, ‘Bad Reputation’ by Joan Jett & the Blackhearts, and my cover of ‘Ain’t It Fun’ by Paramore.

We love, love, love the lines “All of my friends say I’m too comfortable / And that I shouldn’t settle for less” in the single. What’s your favorite line? 
Yes so happy you love that lyric! Sheesh that’s hard to pick but I think my favorite is “I’m sick of living in your delusion”. That one perfectly sums up the feeling I had in my last relationship.

We are also intrigued to hear about your songwriting process; what comes to mind first, melody or lyric? Also, what was the first line you wrote down for ‘Days Like This?’
Every song starts completely different, but most of the songs on the EP start either as journal entries or in the shower! ‘Days Like This’ started as a journal entry I wrote brain dumping my thoughts, feelings, and frustrations about my relationship. Then I found the guitar loop on Splice, opened my notebook, and used my honest thoughts to write ‘Days Like This.’ The first line I wrote was actually the first bar of the song, “I say that I got tough skin, I don’t”.

We love staying hydrated at THP and were wondering if you could mix a drink that would represent ‘Days Like This,’ what would be in it? What would its name be? 
Love this idea! I would call it, “Single Girl Spritz” and it consists of Lemonade, Tequila, Mint, Strawberry Purée, and Sprite – and you can add a little Tajin around the rim to make it a “Spicy Single Girl Spritz”. Now I need to make this asap!

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And lastly, with ‘Days Like This’ out now and the EP planned for Spring, what else can we expect from Taylor Felt in the next couple of months
Look out for the ‘Days Like This’ Midnight Mix – Remix by ALXi coming soon! Also more live events and parties coming soon, follow me on my socials @taylorfeltmusic to be up to date! Can’t wait for you to hear more music & talk soon!

We want that drink asap while listening to Taylor’s playlist! What do you think about Taylor’s new song ‘Days Like This?’ Would you like to try a Single Girl Spritz? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! You can also hit us up on Facebook and Instagram!

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