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Getting Ready For Magnolia Park’s Halloween Mixtape II? Here Are The Songs That Are Already Out

Getting Ready For Magnolia Park’s Halloween Mixtape II? Here Are The Songs That Are Already Out

Magnolia Park

If you didn’t know, we at THP love it when we hear new music from Magnolia Park. That said, guess what we’re here to talk about? That’s right, the upcoming album that the band is preparing to drop in late October: Halloween Mixtape II. We are beyond excited, and this one is coming not too long after their previous two EPs, MoonEater and SoulEater, which dropped in August. We feel so lucky for the short period between them, and yet our excitement is so strong that October 27th can’t come fast enough. 

We know the predecessor Halloween Mixtape, which came out back in 2021, was incredible, so it is only natural that our expectations are high. It’s not only because of that, oh no. It really just comes down to the band themselves, Magnolia Park. Their sound is so spunky we can’t help but feel energized listening to them. 

Magnolia Park Halloween Mixtape II
Image source: Courtesy of Epitaph Records

Magnolia Park did not only reveal their upcoming album Halloween Mixtape II, but they also dropped one of the new songs from it, and we had to pull up our jaws because of how insanely good it is. And speaking of tracks from the album, a few included titles are already out, so we figured we’d round them up here for you, sweet Honeybees, so we can all blast them out while anticipating Halloween Mixtape II‘s release. 

Prepare for Halloween Mixtape II.


Of course, we are starting off with the most fresh of the bunch, ‘Animal.’ The track features rapper Ethan Ross, who we’ve already seen collaborate with the band, and dark-pop singer PLVTINUM. The hard-hitting song is already a big favorite of ours. All the artists come together to make a beautiful and irresistible dark blend, which we know we won’t stop blasting any time soon.

The song came together organically because we did it in only a couple of hours, It’s such a weird collaboration, but it works so well and sounds so cool. We got to do the video all together too – we all flew out to LA and we got to hang out and make this really cool, nu-metal-style video.

guitarist/songwriter Tristan Torres

Works so well and sounds so cool, we couldn’t have said it any better. When we say we are hooked, we are very serious. Magnolia Park outdid themselves once again and all we can do is say thank you and keep streaming ‘Animal.’ If you aren’t doing the same, we’re sorry but do you even have taste?


Next, we have the breathtaking ‘Breathing,’ pun totally intended. If you keep up with the band, you’re most likely already blasting this one since it came out, even before its inclusion on the MoonEater EP. We love to see bangers make it to multiple albums, and ‘Breathing’ deserves the spot on Halloween Mixtape II.

‘Do Or Die’

We did mention they collabed with Ethan Ross before, and ‘Do Or Die‘ is the product of that. Another one from the MoonEater EP. We’ve been astonished with this one since its release, and to be honest, we still are, and you should be too.

CW: Photosensitivity


Last on the already-out list is this little gem. ‘Manic‘ is on the SoulEater EP, and soon to be on Halloween Mixtape II. The song comes with brighter visuals compared to the previous ones, but it keeps the pop-punk vibe throughout its duration. You just have to love it when artists blend aesthetics and sounds together and get an incredible result.

With all these bops about to be added to the new album, and ‘Animal’ bringing its announcement, we are in for a ride, so buckle up and let the countdown to its release start. Meanwhile, check out the full tracklist below.

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Halloween Mixtape II Tracklist:

  1. ‘The End: Emo Nite Rhapsody’
  2. ‘Antidote’
  3. ‘Breathing’ feat. nothing,nowhere.
  4. ‘Do or Die’ feat. Ethan Ross
  5. ‘Dreams’ feat. Jake Hill & Vyper
  6. ‘Halloween Tip 1’
  7. ‘Haunted House’
  8. ‘Candles’
  9. ‘Dead on Arrival’
  10. ‘Halloween Tip 2’
  11. ‘Animal’ feat. Ethan Ross & PLVTINUM
  12. ‘Loved by you’
  13. ‘Halloween Tip 3’
  14. ‘Life In The USA’ feat. TX2
  15. ‘Manic’ feat 408
  16. ‘Halloween Tip 4’
  17. ‘Fell in Love on Halloween’

For those who don’t know, Magnolia Park are setting on their headlining tour kicking off on October 5th. They are sure to make an unforgettable show, so if you have the chance to go see them, don’t hesitate.

Are you looking forward to Magnolia Park’s Halloween Mixtape II? Did you love the new release ‘Animal?’ What tracks on the list are you most curious to hear? Come find us @TheHoneyPOPFacebook, and Instagram to talk (or scream) about this. And don’t forget, October 27 is the faithful day.

For all your Mag Park needs, step this way.


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