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Our Favorite Broadside TikToks To Watch While We Wait For Hotel Bleu

Our Favorite Broadside TikToks To Watch While We Wait For Hotel Bleu

It’s no secret that we at The Honey POP love Broadside. Seriously, we love their entire discography from their debut album Old Bones to their recent releases like, ‘Bang,’ ‘Cruel,’ and of course, their latest single, ‘Lucid.’ They just announced their new album, Hotel Bleu, which drops November 10th via SharpTone Records and trust us when we say that we’re counting down the days.

“I’d like for Broadside to be your favorite band after this record. We’re trying to grow into the band we always wanted to be. I feel like we did.”

Oliver Baxxter, vocalist of Broadside

Yeah, we could make a list of all of our favorite Broadside songs that we’re vibing to to get amped up for Hotel Bleu. Or, we could give you our top favorite Broadside TikToks. If you aren’t on the clock app, we’ve got you covered.

“Broadside for #everyone”

In all honesty, it’s a pretty informative TikTok. It’s a quick way to get familiar with their music. But being Broadside, they do it in sh*tposting fashion. The real star? Ollie’s neon pink ski mask. We had to replay this a few times since we were distracted by it and couldn’t stop laughing.

The One With Video Game Music 

Ollie really pulled a Bob Belcher and said, “I’ll post this TikTok, but I’m gonna complain the whole time.” and we love him for it. But he kinda went off with this. Who knew that this pop-punk king could also compose some pretty sick video game music? Not us. But now that we know, we need it to happen.


It starts off as just a fun little trend video but then quickly escalates with Dom and Pat arguing. They seriously deserve an award for their acting. But Ollie ends the video the best way possible: with his Dachshund, Leo. We just think that he should make appearances more often.

‘ILYILYID’ X Eye Of The Tiger

‘I Love You, I Love You, It’s Disgusting’ is the ultimate love song written by Ollie, for his wife. He just wanted to post a wholesome TikTok about his love for her. But it accidentally became one of the most iconic videos of all time with ‘Eye Of The Tiger’ over the audio for ‘ILYILYID’ It may be deleted now, but it lives in our hearts and this tweet.

What’s your favorite Broadside TikTok? And how excited are you for Hotel Bleu? Let us know in the comments, on Facebook, Instagram, or by tweeting us @thehoneypop!


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