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Our Love For SOLE Is Supreme!

Our Love For SOLE Is Supreme!

We’re currently living in our favorite month of the year: S(OL)Eptember. What’s the best way to celebrate it other than with new tunes from our favorite K-R&B soloist?

SOLE has just released her new EP, A Love Supreme, and we have been listening to it on repeat! This release is such a unique project: The incredible vocalist wanted to capture love at its pure essence by covering five tracks from the 90s with the signature SOLE style that we can’t get enough of. From falling in love to heartbreaks, A Love Supreme has it all! If you need a new soulful EP to go head over heels with her music, you need these songs in your life!

Image Source: Courtesy of Amoeba Culture

‘Love Supreme’

If there were doors to the Love Supreme world, we would open them with this first song. ‘Love Supreme’ got us hooked from the very first notes of the instrumental, and it sounds just as if you were walking into your favorite coffee shop on a breezy, fall day. It’s perfect!

SOLE did a wonderful job covering the popular ‘Love Supreme‘ by Kim Ban Jang & Windy City. Her acoustic rendition gives the reggae hit a laid-back touch to the song, but it still includes the groovy and dreamy feel of the original. We love that she included the instrumental solos from the bridge! Those little touches make it even more special. And her vocals complete this fantastic song in the best way possible, especially at the end of the track! Her tone is so gorgeous!

‘I Want to Be Closer to You’

We continue our journey through A Love Supreme with this amazing cover of ‘I Want to Be Closer to You.’ This track honors the original song by NAMI with an extra touch of soul and modern tones (and the unmatched saxophone notes, of course!). If you want to dedicate a song to that special someone you can’t stop thinking about, this is it. The lyrics offer the softest and kindest love confessions!

SOLE knew we are suckers for great performances, so we obviously had to add the live video for this track here. We feel so grateful for being able to appreciate this cover live. Her voice adds so much warmth to the song, and it’s so nice to enjoy this rendition alongside her talented band. They sound fantastic!


‘Waiting’ is the song from this EP that will make you levitate. SOLE truly shined with this cover! She shifted the instrumental focus from the original track by Panic. Instead of singing with a guitar, SOLE preferred to take a piano as her companion throughout the track, and we’re definitely here for it. It goes so well along with the lyrics, which wish for a reunion between lovers. She embodied the longing and the desire to get together with someone you barely see anymore.

If you ask us what’s like to be in heaven, we would let you listen on this song and let you discover the amazing vocal layers! Trust us, your life will instantly change.

‘Loosing Heart’

We’re in love with SOLE’s voice, and if we could recommend a song that shows her most lovely notes, we would tell you to listen to ‘Loosing Heart.’ The chorus of this track will give you goosebumps with her vocal range!

The gorgeous original song by NELL expresses so many feelings about moving on without your other half. Time moves on, and we have to get over those memories that break our hearts every time we remember them, but that’s easier said than done. SOLE has done a great job of transferring those emotions into her cover, and we love that she decided to make her own version of this song! It fits the Love Supreme storyline perfectly!

‘A Beautiful Farewell’

Do you know those songs that fit the movie scenes in which the protagonists discover they have to let go to keep moving forward with their story? That’s exactly how this song feels. As the title says, this final track serves as the goodbye of the love described in this EP. We will leave this romance in the deepest part of our hearts.

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SOLE’s cover feels softer than the original by Kim Gun Mo. It’s more gentle at the beginning by following her voice and the piano, but the chorus adds a stunning vocal layer in the background of the track, making it more emotional. We couldn’t ask for a better closing for this project!

Now, if you excuse us, we’re going to press play again to start A Love Supreme from the top. Feel free to join us!

Are you in love with SOLE’s voice as much as we are? What’s your favorite track from A Love Supreme? Let us know in the comments below, or tell us over on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! And if you want to keep talking about pop culture with us and our readers, join The Hive on Discord!

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