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Here’s Why Our Love For James McVey Runs Through Our ‘Blood And Bones’

Here’s Why Our Love For James McVey Runs Through Our ‘Blood And Bones’

We have a lot to thank James McVey for. Not only did he put together The Vamps and give us over a decade of memories so far, but now, he’s giving us solo music that we can’t get enough of! His latest offering is ‘Blood And Bones,’ a lovely ode to his wife, Kirstie. It celebrates their dedication to each other and sees James promising to give back to her no matter what it takes. If our future relationships don’t feel that magical, we don’t want it. 

And as if giving us such a beautiful song wasn’t enough, he also blesses us with a breathtaking Garden Sessions performance video that gives the track a whole new life! Being a James McVey stan is truly the gift that keeps on giving. 

But James still isn’t done giving! He’ll be releasing his solo EP, Manabi (which means “learning through study” in Japanese), on November 10th, and we already know it will be one of our favorite projects of 2023. James brings such a unique, thoughtful perspective to every song he touches, so this EP will be nothing short of awe-inspiring. In addition to ‘Blood And Bones’ and his previous single, ‘Dancing On The Head Of A Needle,’ we have four new songs to look forward to: ‘Antarctica,’ ‘30,000 Feet,’ ‘Strength In Numbers,’ and ‘Dance Or Die.’  

I was just focusing on what I actually wanted to say with the songs, and working out whether there was a real, tangible emotion I could convey – did it resonate with me? It took a long time to get there. I also remembered the innocence that I had when I first heard Damien Rice’s first two albums, and how I was blown away by those songs. I wanted to go back and capture that wide-eyed feeling for this EP.

James McVey

To celebrate Manabi and the incredible impact that James has had on us, we wanted to break down some of the many reasons we admire him!

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His Lyrical Talent

Before James got The Vamps together, he was a solo singer-songwriter whose work we absolutely adored. And over the years, he’s just gotten better and better! ‘Blood And Bones’ is the stunning culmination of that growth, including so many creative metaphors showcasing his love for Kirstie. One of our favorite lines is, “If I could paint, there would be no colours, no shade that could discover the rainbow of you” – it reminds us of his pre-Vamps solo track, ‘Brightest Of Colours,’ which is such a full-circle moment!

How Much He Cares About Those Around Him

James is the kind of caring, loving person everyone wants in their inner circle! Whether it’s his wife, bandmates, or friends, he’s always ready to step up for the people in his inner circle. He also never shies away from telling those people how much they mean to him, whether he does it through music or otherwise! If you ever want a new friend you can lean on, James, hit us up…

When we’ve been flying through the hurricane that is my career, she’s been there. She’s sacrificed a lot of her time, she’s everything to me, and I’m so grateful for her guidance and stability.

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His Perseverance

If you’ve been a James fan for a while, you probably remember the scary time in his career when a polyp grew on his vocal cords, and he had to get surgery to remove it. That’d be worrying for anyone, so we could only imagine how James felt during that time. He also couldn’t speak or sing for a while after that surgery, and that quiet period is actually when he started developing the songs on Manabi! He kept writing even when he couldn’t record anything, and we’re so proud of him for staying hopeful and driven through that fear. 

What do you think of ‘Blood And Bones?’ What are your favorite things about James McVey? Make sure you pre-save Manabi, then meet us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to discuss!


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