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3 Charlotte Sands Music Videos That Showcase Her Perfect Hairography

3 Charlotte Sands Music Videos That Showcase Her Perfect Hairography

charlotte sands music videos hair hairography

People often talk about cinematography when it comes to music videos. But why don’t we talk about hairography more? Because alongside a well-captured medium shot, hairography is just as beautiful to look at and enjoy. Charlotte Sands is the queen of perfect hair, and that’s why we thought it’d be fun to list some music videos that show off her hairography!

Because come on, you can’t tell us you haven’t looked at Charlotte Sands and admired her electrifying blue hair at least five times while watching her TikToks or music videos.

Let’s do it, honey. Enjoy these Charlotte Sands songs while we behold everything her hair has to offer in these fantastic music videos!

‘use me’

Charlotte Sands was kind enough to really show off her beautiful blue hair in her new ‘use me’ music video by having it primarily on a black background. Thanks, bestie! We appreciate it so much. The hairography in this music video is on point. Not only does the lighting illuminate her hair so well, but Charlotte Sands’ iconic swishes at the mic stand also showcase just how gloriously vivid the color is. And the way it all falls back into place so effortlessly? We’re swooning. (Yes. We are swooning over Charlotte Sands and her hair. Don’t judge us! We see you doing it, too!)

‘Keep Me Up All Night’

We’re still so obsessed with this song, and its music video has perfect hairography. Charlotte Sands’ hair is vivid and vibrant in the ‘Keep Me Up All Night’ music video. It stands out so wondrously against the gorgeous background, and we’re living for every motion. We’re also so jealous of how many times she can run her hands through her hair or flip it around, and every strand can just fall back into place right after. Why can’t our hair do that?! Whenever we try to flip our hair like her, we end up looking like Cousin It from The Addams Family!


You know what? Charlotte Sands’ ‘Dress’ music video showcases the pure versatility of her hair. High pigtails? Please! Again, all the strands effortlessly fall back into place over her shoulders and down her back with each motion. And this is also an example of how a lower color edit on this music video does not hinder the hairography. The vibrancy of Charlotte Sands’ electrifying blue hair doesn’t even need to be elevated by color grading for us to see just how amazing it is. This music video may be toned a little darker than the other two, but her hair still brightens our hearts and souls, just like she does with her songs!

That’s it. We’re done looking like an electrocuted Cousin It when we flip our hair. We need to know Charlotte Sands’ hair routine now!

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What about you, honey? Do you love Charlotte Sands, her music, and her hair as much as we do? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @thehoneypop! You can also find us on Discord, Facebook, and Instagram.


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