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5 Of Our Favorite Lyrics From Waiting For The Rain

5 Of Our Favorite Lyrics From Waiting For The Rain

Calling all Andrew Cushin fans! The day is finally here; we can listen to Waiting For The Rain whenever we want! In celebration of Andrew’s debut album, here are 5 of our favorite lyrics from the album!

‘Let Me Give It To You’

Andrew definitely knew what he was doing when he made this the opening track! He perfectly sets the tone for this album with the beat and, of course, by reminding us how amazing his vocals are!

Preaching to the choir almost every night, instead of coming home with me. Say you want love, say that you’re free. Well, let me give it to you.” These lyrics perfectly capture the theme of the song and they’re so fun to sing along to!

‘Just Like You’d Want Me To’

Keeping the upbeat track from the last song, we’re moving on to ‘Just Like You’d Want Me To,’ which is a heartfelt ballad. This song is bound to leave its mark on you.

And we’ll do no wrong if you keep singing along. Though the days may come, from the same old sun. Yeah, I’ll fight for you.’ Andrew talks about having resilience and hope. We can assume that the first line means that music will always be here to help us through, and we’re so glad we have Andrew’s music to lean on!


If music doesn’t work out for him, Andrew could become a coach. ‘Comedown’ feels like one big pep-talk and we’re here for it!

I tried to hang on to myself, ‘cause the words are just informing. Like a man without his calling, I’m sick of tryin’ to be someone else.” These lyrics set up the story of the song, leading us to the feeling of needing to change to the person he’s speaking to in the song also becoming “sick of tryin’ to be someone else.” This song may be deeper than you thought!

‘Wor Flags’

Are any Louies around? If so, you may already be familiar with this track! ‘Wor Flags’ was one of the most memorable parts of Andrew’s set whilst he opened for Louis! Our favorite lyric isn’t “La La La La La La,” but they were pretty iconic during Faith In The Future World Tour, so, honorable mention!

And all of my fears of tomorrow they won’t surpass. Well there’s a place that we forget it, away to the match! Where all my troubles go and I never feel alone, cos I’ve found my home.” So obviously, the track is about a football match, but honestly, that’s the same way we’d feel at one of Andrew’s shows!

‘Dream For A Moment’

We cried. We have to be honest with you, so consider yourself warned, get your tissues, and come back when you’re ready. It was so hard to pick a favorite lyric for this track because it’s just that good!

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Hold the line, cos we’re running out of time. I wanna hear you scream for your moment too. I wanna see you dream for your wish come true.” See why we cried? Andrew talks about the limited time we have to make our dreams come true and how he wants to see them happen.

We could talk about this album forever, but it wouldn’t be fair to you not to experience the rest of it yourself! Andrew, you have amazed us in ways we didn’t know we could be amazed. You can listen to the album here, and if you’re ready to buy tour tickets, you can buy them here!

Let us know what you think of our picks as well as what your favorite lyrics are! Tweet us @TheHoneyPop, or find us buzzing on Instagram and Facebook!


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