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5 Of Our Favorite Ed Sheeran Living Room Performances

5 Of Our Favorite Ed Sheeran Living Room Performances

Here at The Honey Pop, we love Ed Sheeran! So you can imagine how excited we were for his brand new album, Autumn Variations, and of course, he didn’t disappoint us! Well, maybe a little bit since he sang in fan’s living rooms, and we were not one of them.

We can forgive him because he released videos of each living room performance! In honor of that, we picked 5 of our favorites to share with you.

‘Plastic Bag (Live From Alex’s Living Room)’

This is our favorite version of ‘Plastic Bag!’ The soft acoustic guitar allows listeners to focus on Ed’s voice and what he’s saying. This song is one of his serious ones, with lyrics like “My friend died, it’s been years, still grievin’ and I thought time would be somehow healin’.” It’s vulnerable, and this live version just makes it hit that much harder.

‘American Town (Live From Kari’s Living Room)’

If you’re a fan of Ed’s older music, this might be one of your favorites too! ‘American Town’ carries that same whimsical feeling of love you hear in some of his older songs like ‘Photograph’ and ‘Kiss Me.’

We watch comedies and miss the endings, conversations til the dawn. Any change in tide, we push against it, challenge meanings in songs.” Those lyrics with an acoustic guitar? It’s ‘Magical.’

‘Page (Live From Deborah’s Living Room)’

You’re gonna want some tissues for this one. ‘Page’ tackles feelings of being stuck on someone or something that took up a large part of your life but is no longer around. This bittersweet song is so beautiful with just Ed’s vocals and his guitar.

Maybe tomorrow will be better but, I’m stuck on the page.” Even when you know it can get better it’s normal to feel stuck in your feelings, your grief. This track is ‘Perfect’ no matter where you are in the process of moving on.

‘When Will I Be Alright (Live From Kristen’s Living Room)’

Have we mentioned how much we love Ed’s vocals yet? ‘Cause we love them so much! In another heartbreaking performance, Ed has won us over again.

I need to redefine, when will I be alright? Listen to my heart beatin’ why is there this empty feelin’?” Ed somehow made this amazing track even better! These lyrics paired with an intimate performance, are making us feel emotional.

‘Head > Heels (Live From Keira’s Living Room)’

This live performance may have just convinced us this is Ed’s new hit wedding song! He always captures the emotions of love perfectly so It’s not surprising.

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How beautiful we blend, and, together we soar. High over the old wasteland, we escaped the fire and planted roots when there was nothin’ left.” Instead of performing in living rooms, we need Ed and his guitar at a wedding immediately! His vocals, his guitar, and these lyrics are the ultimate trio.

Ed has once again proved he can give an ‘Amazing’ performance whether he’s in a stadium or someone’s living room! If you like what you’ve heard so far and want to check out the rest of the performances, you can do so, here.

If Ed Sheeran showed up in your living room which song from Autumn Variations would you want to hear? Let us know on Twitter @TheHoneyPop or Facebook and Instagram!


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