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My Chemical Romance Halloween Costume Ideas That Will Knock Everyone ‘Dead!’

My Chemical Romance Halloween Costume Ideas That Will Knock Everyone ‘Dead!’

What’s an emo kid’s favorite holiday? Halloween, of course! Not a joke, just a fact. Our favorite holiday is just around the corner. If you aren’t sure what you want to be this year, why not take inspiration from MCR? One of the many things we love about them is they’re not afraid to go all out when it comes to their eras and music videos. No matter your favorite era, there are plenty of My Chemical Romance Halloween costume ideas for you.

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Costumes Based On The ‘Helena’ Music Video

Gerard’s Outfit In ‘Helena’

If you want a low-effort look that’s still iconic, Gerard’s outfit in this music video is the way to go. It’s as simple as a black button-down shirt with a red tie. Just smudge some eyeliner around your eyes. And if you want to nail the look further, just put a little foundation or concealer over your lips to make them a little more muted.


If you like more elaborate and feminine costumes, Helena may be more your speed. You just need a top similar to this one. An alternative would be to DIY it with a boa and a black shirt of your choice. You’ll also need a wrap skirt, which you could also add a red skirt underneath for the full effect. Just add a veil and you’re nearly done. For walking purposes, we recommend black ballet flats with a ribbon around them to mimic the look of ballet shoes. If you’re looking to recreate the eye look, we recommend checking out this eyeshadow palette and of course, you’ll need a decent amount of eyeliner.

Costumes Based On The ‘Welcome To The Black Parade’ Video

The Band’s Marching Outfits

We’ll start with the most obvious choice: the band’s marching band outfits. The jacket will definitely be the star of the fit. You could also get matching pants, if you wanted to go all out. But let’s be real. We’re all saving money for when we can see MCR live again.

The Girl With The Gas Mask

If you want a more elaborate option, the girl in the gas mask may be the costume for you. It’ll consist of a cage hoop skirt underskirt on top. You could wear a hoop skirt underneath. But personally, we like this tulle maxi skirt. You’ll still get the effect, but it’s versatile and you’ll be able to wear it for more than just Halloween. If you’re really dedicated to the bit, you could add a gas mask that’s intended for cosplay only.

Costumes Based On The ‘Na Na Na’ Music Video

The Fabulous Killjoys

The primary component of these fits are the biker jackets. Fortunately, this one comes in an array of colors, so it’ll work for Party Poison (Gerard), Jet-Star (Ray), Kobra Kid (Mikey), or your own Killjoy persona! If you want to be Fun Ghoul (Frank), you’ll want to opt for an olive vest and a yellow shirt, which you may want to wear shorter sleeves, if the weather is warmer where you are.

Oh and no matter which character you are, don’t forget your mask. We love how it’s 2023 and you’re still able to get them in their webstore. If you want to go the DIY route, you can get a blank mask to customize it to look like any of the fabulous Killjoys or design your own!

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