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The ‘3D’ Spectacular: A Recap Of This Iconic Jungkook Era

The ‘3D’ Spectacular: A Recap Of This Iconic Jungkook Era

We live in Jungkook’s world and are on cloud nine with all the incredible moments ‘3D’ has given us so far! Although the song was just released, there have been so many iconic occasions with it that we have to talk about all of them. Every day, there’s something exciting to enjoy with Jungkook, and we’re so happy to see him grow with every new single. The ‘3D‘ era has completely changed our lives, so we wanted to list the moments that we’ve been living with Jungkook and his new song. Let’s honor this era in the best way possible!

The Unforgettable Announcement At Global Citizen

We lost our minds when Jungkook gave us a little preview of ‘3D’ after his set at the Global Citizen Festival! We already knew the song would be a hit the moment we heard the beat in the announcement. After listening to ‘Euphoria,’ ‘Still With You’ (we’re still not over it), ‘Seven’ with Latto (!!!!), and some of BTS’ hits live, he truly wrapped up his set in the most amazing way possible. Jungkook always manages to surprise us, and we’re so thankful we got this reveal as something incredible to look up to!

The 2000s Inspired Concept Photos

Jungkook’s cool vibe with his concept photos during this era has been *mwah* chef’s kiss. The classic look from music videos from the 2000s has definitely inspired our main pop boy to create the most excellent pics ever. The play on angles and the black, white, and grey tones match the track’s mood so well! Jungkook is and forever will be a style icon for us!

The Amazing Choreography!

Since its release, we have been repeating Jungkook’s moves from this track’s choreography! We’re absolutely obsessed with how ‘3D’ makes us dance, and we’ve loved seeing Jungkook slay this choreography. He’s such a talented dancer, and we’re just getting started with the single’s performances! We can’t wait to see the many different stages that Jungkook will do with this song! Also, we’re so happy that the talented dancers from Jam Republic are joining him on this great masterpiece!

The Catchy Remixes

You already know that every BTS’ remix is fire, and the ‘3D’ remixes don’t fall behind, either! We have four versions: the A. G. Cook remix for the house music enthusiasts, the clean version to fill in the blanks if you already know Jack’s verse by heart, and the sped-up and slowed-down versions, perfect for adding to your TikToks. Plus, we got two new visualizers to check out how much fun Jungkook had on set while making the ‘3D’ music video!

The Behind The Scenes Stories With Jack Harlow

Jungkook and Jack met for the first time while recording the ‘3D’ music video, and from all the pictures and videos they took together enjoying each other’s company, we can assure you that they had a great time! Jack let Jungkook have a photo shoot with his Kentucky chain to honor the “I’ll fly you from Korea to Kentucky” lyric from his verse. They also played chess together on set! Jungkook says he won even though it was his first time learning the rules. It was a perfect game for these kings! ♟

Image Source: BIGHIT MUSIC

The Loving Listening Parties And Weverse Live

The listening parties with BTS during Chapter 2 have been such a great way to enjoy their solo releases with them, and Jungkook has been chatting with ARMYs at his ‘3D’ parties. From saying “I love you” in different languages, singing along to his singles of this year, and making us excited for his dance challenges on TikTok, it’s always the best time to hear Jungkook on the other side of his mic.

Jungkook also did a Weverse live to celebrate ‘3D’ and many more fantastic news! We got to sing and dance to the solo hits from the other members, have a drink, and hear him talk about about how he and ARMYs alike miss BTS. He is also counting down the days to reunite with all the members on stage and making more memories with ARMYs around the world. Jungkook is waiting for 2025 with as much expectation as we do. 🥺 We can’t wait to see our seven back together again!

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Have you been listening to ‘3D’ on repeat, just like we have? Are you ready to enjoy GOLDEN? Let us know in the comments below, or tell us over on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! And if you want to talk to us about how exciting this era has been, get into our Hive on Discord!

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