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Every Time Jaden Hossler Made Our Hearts Skip A Beat With ‘Chrome Hearted’

Every Time Jaden Hossler Made Our Hearts Skip A Beat With ‘Chrome Hearted’

Who is that over there looking like a pop star? Is that jxdn? No. Who the f*ck is jxdn? All we know (and all we can think about) is Jaden Hossler, his new song ‘Chrome Hearted,’ and how he’s made our hearts swoon once again. In his latest single, we’re introduced to a new sound and a new era. Exciting, right? To welcome this new chapter, we’re sharing all the times Jaden made our hearts skip a beat. Trust us, it’s been many. It hurt our hearts (get it?) to narrow it down, but we survived!

The Teaser

We hadn’t seen the whole video yet, but we knew it was going to be amazing. Dark, mysterious, captivating – we were hooked! Even in a few-second clip, Jaden showed us a glimpse of his creative mind and gave a few of us here at the Honey POP a heart attack. Not bad for his directorial debut, huh? Oh yeah… did we forget to mention Jaden directed the music video? Is there anything he can’t do?


If you loved angels & demons i think youll love this new journey im on. Its the same concept of always being willing to embrace change. Im very grateful for the beginning of this new chapter in my life its taken a lot of hard work to get here. Chrome Hearted MV & Song out tomorrow night at 9pm PST Directed by Jaden Hossler

♬ Chrome Hearted – jxdn

This Scene

Cue the TikTok voice: “You wish that was you, huh?” Yes, mysterious TikTok voice, we do. We’d be crazy not to. While we can appreciate the message behind the scene itself (feeling swarmed and suffocated by people or emotions,) let’s be real here: that seems like the best day at work ever. Call us, Jaden, next time you need this position filmed. We’ll be there!


best music video ive ever made out 10/6 directed by me for Chrome Hearted😎

♬ original sound – Jaden Hossler

His Lyrics

Alright, alright. Now that we’ve gotten the visuals out of the way let’s be serious. What blows us away the most is Jaden’s ability to captivate us from beginning to end with his lyrics. ‘Chrome Hearted’ captures the pain, drama, ups, and downs of a toxic relationship into a catchy, perfect pop package! Not only can we feel the words in our soul, but we find ourselves singing them over and over. Seriously, it’s impossible to get ‘Chrome Hearted’ out of our heads. We’re pretty sure Jaden Hossler just gave us our new favorite song.

She’s so heartless, she wanna get it, she got it, yeah. She’s a chrome-hearted angel

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The Video

This isn’t a moment, but we’d call the video for ‘Chrome Hearted’ the moment. Dynamic, artistic, and filled to the brim with those futuristic vibes – Jaden knocked it out of the park. It’s more than we could have ever dreamed, and honestly, we don’t even know if we blinked once the first time we watched it. We didn’t want to miss a single second. He may not want the crown, but we’re giving it to him anyway as a prince of pop (and of our hearts!)

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