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‘Champagne Sh*t’ And Other Cocktails We’ll Be Sharing With Janelle Monáe 

‘Champagne Sh*t’ And Other Cocktails We’ll Be Sharing With Janelle Monáe 

We’re waking up a little dizzy because we were sipping champagne last night in celebration of Janelle Monáe’s newest drop, ‘CHAMPAGNE SH*T’ 🍾 ⭐. Ms. Monáe continuously proves herself as that girl with drops that never decline. Featuring Latto and Quavo, the newest remix pops off, and we can’t stop listening to this song

The party doesn’t stop there, though. We’ve been serving up behind the bar with these cocktails to keep the ‘CHAMPAGNE SH*T’ party going. Stream the new remix now while we perfect your spicy margarita 🍹. 

S*x on the Beach

Even though we love Janelle’s party bops, we can’t help but picture ourselves relaxing under the tropical sun with songs like ‘Black Sugar Beach’ 🏖️. Naturally, we’ve decided to order s*x on the beach before we take a dip in the ocean 🌊. 

Image Credit: Laure Noverraz | Unsplash

Vodka Redbull

Get your energy up with a vodka redbull ⚡! This drink pairs with ‘The Rush’ (feat. Nia Long & Amaarae). You’ll certainly get a rush and run to the dancefloor after only two sips. But don’t use up all of your energy, there are still four more drinks left to order! 😅

Image Credit: Mason Rose


We couldn’t forget about ‘CHAMPANGE SH*T,’ could we?? We are popping a bottle of expensive champagne to pair with Janelle Monáe’s newest drop. At this point, I think we’ve finished half the bottle, but who’s counting? 🤫

Dirty Martini

The night is still young, and Janelle would want us to keep the party going. We’re ordering a dirty martini 🍸 as ‘Dirty Computer’ (feat. Brian Wilson) plays in the background. Don’t worry, we hit the dancefloor with our besties before the song ended 🪩. 

Image Credit: Johann Trasch | Unsplash


The night is almost over, but not until the DJ queues up ‘Screwed’ (feat. Zoe Kravitz). To pair perfectly with this song, we’ve ordered a tray of screwballs for the group! 🍊🧡 Who doesn’t love a classic drink paired with a classic juice? Our vision is getting a little screwed…

Old Fashioned

Janelle’s fashion is always on point, thus ours is too. But by the end of the night, we’ve ordered a few old fashioned and sung our lungs out to ‘Fashion’ (feat. Janelle Monáe) 🎤 at the karaoke bar.

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Image Credit: Adam Jaime | Unsplash

Even though the night has come to a close, we’re still bumping ‘CHAMPAGNE SH*T’ and more Janelle Monáe hits on our commute to work in the morning ☀️. Try one of these cocktails or something brand new at one of Janelle’s remaining tour stops on The Age of Pleasure tour

Which cocktail will you be trying before hitting the dance floor? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @thehoneypop 🐝! 


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