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(G)I-DLE Bring The HEAT With Their First English EP

(G)I-DLE Bring The HEAT With Their First English EP

(G)I-DLE are back with something extra special: their first-ever English EPHEAT. And they’re ready to set the place on fire with it because of how good it is. With their pre-release single ‘I DO’ and the new title track ‘I Want That,’ we can’t stop listening to HEAT. It’s everything we love about (G)I-DLE and so much more!

‘I Want That’

Something we love about (G)I-DLE is that, while their discography is very diverse, they still always come out with bold, confident songs. ‘I Want That’ is exactly that – it’s unique, full of energy, and with a drop that will never leave your head. It’s bold and striking, and (G)I-DLE own every part of it. The build-up and Miyeon’s vocals in the pre-chorus make the chorus even more satisfying and addictive. Everything about ‘I Want That’ makes us want to blast it at full volume.

The music video might be the best part of ‘I Want That.’ (G)I-DLE always go all out with their music videos, and this one is no exception – even though it does it in a different way than the others. A music video with a story, especially one of empowerment, is always welcome here, and that’s what they did. But we won’t spoil it because the ‘I Want That’ music video is something you deserve to discover on your own.

‘I DO’

Previously to the release of ‘I Want That,’ (G)I-DLE did reveal ‘I DO’ as a pre-release single. And we’re still not over this incredible song to this day. It’s their take on the retro-pop trend, and they do it so well. ‘I DO’ is melancholic and very nostalgic in its lyrics and sentiment. It enhances even more the retro side of the song. ‘I DO’ showcases the sweeter side of their vocals through melodies that are nothing short of pop perfection. We could listen to this song on a loop and never get tired of it.


Aside from the two singles, there are three more b-sides in (G)I-DLE’s English EP. ‘Eyes Roll’ is an upbeat song that feels empowering both with its catchy EDM-pop drop and the lyrics. We know (G)I-DLE are all about female empowerment, and ‘Eyes Roll’ is precisely this. And the bridge might be one of our favorite parts in the entire mini-album. Similarly, ‘Flip It’ overflows with confidence. This song, however, is more influenced by hip-hop by including rap verses and trap beats. We will always love this side of (G)I-DLE.

‘Tall Trees’ is the closing track of HEAT. Compared to the other b-sides, this song is much softer, with a comforting energy. It’s all about being scared to open up to someone and being vulnerable with them. The lyrics use different metaphors, making it a truly beautiful song.

HEAT shows the multiple sides of (G)I-DLE and reminds us exactly why we love them so much – even though we never stopped loving them. Every single track is a world on its own and deserves a place in anyone’s playlist. There’s a song for everyone. HEAT is truly bringing nothing but fire to (G)I-DLE‘s already insane discography. And we’ll be replaying it for a long time.

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Was (G)I-DLE’s first English EP everything you wanted? What is your favorite song out of HEAT? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

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