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Roundtable: Together, EVNNE Can Reach For The Stars

Roundtable: Together, EVNNE Can Reach For The Stars

It’s been less than a month since they debuted, but EVNNE are already making their mark. Since the release of their mini album, Target: [ME], the group has only leveled up their hard work and determination. Their appetite for success is relentless, and their dedication to the team is the perfect springboard to reach those dizzy heights!

We were beyond honored to get the chance to chat with EVNNE for a roundtable over Zoom recently! They spilled on all things Target: [ME], as well as their plans for the future.

EVNNE Take Their Title Seriously

The former Boys Planet trainees have come together as EVNNE, meaning “Evening’s Newest Etoiles,” and the name makes perfect sense; all seven members burst with talent and star quality. They have their sights set high, too. They plan on being the leaders of the newest generation of K-pop, and with their level of dedication, who says they can’t?

When asked about their goals, SEUNGEON reflects on their team name, “We aspire to become the newest stars in the K-pop scene. We are committed to living up to the essence of our team name and showcasing all the diverse charms and talents we possess as a group.”

Courtesy of Jellyfish Entertainment

I once thought about which constellation EVNNE resembles because there are seven of us, and I believe our group is like the Big Dipper. Just like the seven stars that make up the Big Dipper, we shine brightly in the sky and can serve as navigators for our fans. We hope to be a source of comfort and familiarity, much like how people find solace in looking at the Big Dipper, which is one of the most well-known constellations. In many ways, I think our group resembles the Big Dipper.


Target: [ME]

One of the things we find the most exciting about EVNNE is that, even at this very early stage in their career, they’re so hands-on with their music! Two of the tracks on debut mini album Target: [ME] have writing credits from the members, and there’s more of that to look forward to! YUNSEO had to say, “For me, ever since my trainee days, I’ve dreamt of being involved in the creative process and writing lyrics for an album.”

Every track on Target: [ME] is well worth a listen, but if you need a starting point, then we have two words for you: ‘Role Model.’ And we’re not the only ones who think so. When asked which track on Target: [ME] represents them best, JIHOO and YUNSEO both picked this one for different reasons. When asked to recommend a track from the album, SEUNGEON picked this one too! When we tell you they love it, we mean it!


And as for the title track, here at THP, we’ve already made it clear how much we love ‘TROUBLE.’ It’s the perfect intro to EVNNE as a group and as individuals, and we’re still not over how good the music video concept is. Hanbin described it as a “standout track that captures our essence and style effectively,” and we couldn’t agree with him more.

Life As An Idol

It’s not been long since they debuted, and EVNNE are adjusting to life as idols. We think it’s fair to say that they’re doing a pretty good job so far! Not only is the music great, but the performances are too. EVNNE have already had their first go at massive stages at Idol Radio Live in Seoul and KCON Saudi Arabia. They might’ve only debuted less than a month ago, but they’re reaching for the stars. And they should be; the group already knows how to put on an amazing stage. When you have senior idols like ATEEZ’s Yunho and Hongjoong complimenting your performance skills, you know you must be doing something right.

Initially, we were quite nervous and anxious about how we’d perform. However, after the show, we realized it was actually a lot of fun, and I personally felt less nervous than expected. It also provided us with an excellent opportunity to connect with our fans more intimately. This experience pleasantly surprised me, as the stage turned out to be less intimidating and more exciting than I had imagined.


KEITA Is Already A Formidable Leader

As both the oldest member and the leader, KEITA has quite a weight on his shoulders. He’s the member with the most idol experience, but he comes across as someone who takes every adventure and challenge in his stride. When asked to describe how Target: [ME] feels for him, KEITA said, “re-born,” and this attitude shows.

He’s already someone that the members know they can lean on. When faced with challenges like their first time acting in the music video for ‘TROUBLE,’ JUNGHYUN mentioned that the members turned to KEITA for advice. Ultimately, the ‘TROUBLE’ music video turned out great, so whatever advice KEITA gave, it must’ve worked! With a leader like that, there’s no limit to how far you can run.

Initially, when I took the role of the group’s leader, I had my doubts about whether I could fulfill the role effectively. However, as time has passed, I realized that all the other members are incredibly passionate and talented performers. I wouldn’t describe it as me leading the group; instead, we are collectively forging a new path and progressing together. Being the leader of this group is not only exciting but also a constant source of motivation and energy for me to move forward.


Courtesy of Jellyfish Entertainment

Boys Planet

Of course, another big part of EVNNE today is a result of their experiences on survival show Boys Planet. One of our favorite things we learned about the members during our conversation is how much they value each and every experience they’ve had so far.

Spending time with peers who share the same dream and experienced seniors who have already debuted provided invaluable learning opportunities.


Ultimately, though, being an idol is very different from being a trainee, even if you were on a survival show. HANBIN reflected, “Although we gained stage experience during the program, we had never filmed a music video or interacted with our fans. During our preparations, it really hit me that we were on the verge of making our debut. The most challenging aspect was our lack of experience in these areas.”

Courtesy of Jellyfish Entertainment

The Fans

And speaking of the most important people of all – the fans – EVNNE are quick to express their thanks.

I would like to express our sincere gratitude to all our fans for patiently waiting for us. We are eager to meet you all in person as soon as the time allows. If possible, we would love to come and see you right now!

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What’s ‘Even More’ (see what we did there?) is that EVNNE have debuted with a fan song! YUNSEO and KEITA co-wrote ‘Even More,’ and KEITA had this to say; “We wanted the lyrics to convey all the messages and feelings we have for our fans but may not have expressed fully before. We poured our sincerity into the lyrics.”

The Future

EVNNE have big plans for the future! Their teamwork shines through in conversation as they remain humble and grateful for each other’s existence. They’re confident that there’s a lot more to come, and we agree with them. JIHOO mentioned that one of his goals for EVNNE is that they’re remembered as an all-rounder group. In our humble opinion, even with only six songs, it’s already clear to see that every member is talented and multi-faceted.

‘TROUBLE’ and [Target: ME] mark the beginning of our journey. If you became our fan through this album, please know that this is just the start.


We have a funny feeling that the music will be just as multi-dimensional, too. Their skills and personal styles vary widely, so we’d love to see them branch out into different concepts and styles. Luckily, they’ve already let us know that they’d like to do exactly that, too!

We’re eager to explore a wide range of concepts, from bright and refreshing to dreamy and nostalgic. We’re open to trying out all sorts of different styles and ideas.


Have you been streaming [Target: ME]? What did you think of our chat with EVNNE? Let us know! You can find us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter @TheHoneyPOP!

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