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HUNNY’s new album, new planet heaven Is Out Of This World

HUNNY’s new album, new planet heaven Is Out Of This World

The wait is over, and HUNNY’s new album, new planet heaven, is finally here! We’ve been so stoked ever since they released ‘action –> reaction.’ And then to follow it up with ‘big star’ and ‘solo?’ We were hooked. Their new album is filled with amazing lyrics, so obviously, we have to talk about some of our favorites.


In our opinion, the first track of an album is crucial, especially if it’s an unreleased song like this one. And it does not disappoint. It has a super catchy chorus, which we love. But let’s talk about the lyrics before that.

“Fleeting, the CD skips and repeats
Like leather cracks in seats
Fault lines or freeways
Ink dried on letters sent”

We’re obsessed with the imagery. Combine the super poetic lyrics with the simplicity of the chorus, and you have a fantastic opening track.

‘sixteen stitches’

‘sixteen stitches’ was another previously unreleased song, so it was a fun surprise. We love how it contrasts with the opening track. Whereas the ‘bothering’ chorus was more simple, the chorus in this song is what really stood out to us.

“When do we start? Pick it apart
Dizzy and dark is just my default
Or maybe I’m not very smart or highly evolved
and it’s someone else’s year”

‘ring in ur ear’

Okay, yeah. This was released as a single. But it just dropped, and we haven’t had time to fully appreciate it. First of all, a collab with Justin Courtney Pierre of Motion City Soundtrack? This is the crossover episode we didn’t know we needed. And it just so happens that his feature has our favorite lyrics of the song.

“Dismembering everything about ourselves,
poured into mixtapes for someone else.
Dying to forge a new connection
Fill us up yeah, fill our deflated hearts”

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Ready To See Them Live?

Do you need to hear these songs live ASAP? Of course you do! Luckily, their headlining tour, HUNNY On Tour, has begun and wraps up on November 19th in Mesa, AZ. Be sure to get your tickets, if you don’t have them already.

What do you think of HUNNY’s new album, new planet heaven? And what are your favorite lyrics? Let us know in the comments, on Facebook, Instagram, or by tweeting us @thehoneypop!


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