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THP’s Fave Tracks Off Of Troye Sivan’s Something To Give Each Other Album

THP’s Fave Tracks Off Of Troye Sivan’s Something To Give Each Other Album

At THP we’ve always been big fans of Troye Sivan, and Something To Give Each Other has made us fall even more in love with the singer, if that was even possible.

Something To Give Each Other

So, Troye’s newest album, Something To Give Each Other, has moved its way to the top, standing alongside Blue Neighbourhood as one of our favorite Troye Sivan projects, and we are absolutely in love with it. We specifically love the different sounds and meanings that he gave us from each track. You have tracks about love, being queer, friendship, having fun, and just everything you can love about music. If you know us, it’s highly relatable. After just the first listen, we would give this album 🍯🍯🍯🍯🍯/ 🍯🍯🍯🍯🍯, and if you don’t believe us, give it a listen! Check out Something To Give Each Otherhere

Track List

  • ‘Rush’
  • ‘What’s The Time Where You Are?’
  • ‘One Of Your Girls’
  • ‘In My Room (ft. Guitarricadelafuente)’
  • ‘Still Got It’
  • ‘Can’t Go Back Baby’
  • ‘Got Me Started’
  • ‘Silly’
  • ‘Honey’
  • ‘How To Stay With You’

Now that you know our stance on the album, and have taken a listen yourself, we want to tell you our favorite tracks from the album so in case you are unsure of checking it out, you at least know where to start. (BTW we’ve already talked about ‘Rush’ and ‘Got Me Started,’ so they’re not included in this list). So, let’s get this started!

‘One Of Your Girls’

We can’t stop talking about ‘One Of Your Girls,’ and the internet can’t either. Seeing Troye all dolled up gave the people something to talk about; he literally looks so pretty! Plus, the track hasn’t left our minds since we first heard it. What a great choice for a track and MV to release; it really got us all hyped.

‘In My Room’

We didn’t know we needed this duo, but now our ears have been blessed. ‘In My Room (ft. guitarricadelafuente)’ was an immediate standout because of the Spanglish throughout it, which we loved and we know you’ll love as well. Troye and Guitarricadelafuente’s voices blend so well together, especially with them singing so sweetly and softly.

‘Still Got It’

So ‘Still Got It’ opens up with an organ, which is probably one of our favorite things from the tracks, because it really made the lyrics cut even deeper. It’s honestly a sad track as it’s about seeing an ex you haven’t seen in a while and still feeling that spark, but finally realizing that the relationship you had isn’t there anymore. It really has us in our feels.

‘Can’t Go Back, Baby’

Okay, we absolutely loved the opening to ‘Can’t Go Back, Baby.’ It featured snippets of ‘Back Baby’ from Jessica Pratt – which we think if the track ever gets remade, Jessica should really jump on it. TBH, if we thought ‘Still Got It’ was sad, this track is straight-up heartbreaking. The vocals in this were immaculate.


If you love Blue Neighborhood, you’ll fall in love with ‘Honey.’ This track represents everything good about both Blue Neighborhood and Something To Give Each Other. We really think it could thrive as a single, and could get pretty good radio play. We’d be the ones calling in to request it just so we can dance to it over and over.

See Also

As we mentioned before, we are in love with Something To Give Each Other. It quickly has become our favorite release of 2023 so far, and we’re pretty sure it will stay that way. We’re giving you a second chance to listen to it, so here’s the link again (We’re watching you).

So what did y’all think about Troye Sivan’s Something To Give Each Other? What’s your favorite track? Let us know in the comments down below or over on Twitter @thehoneypop, and don’t forget to talk to us on Facebook and Instagram!

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