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We’re Pairing 5 Overwatch Heroes To The LE SSERAFIM Songs They Would Enjoy 24/7!

We’re Pairing 5 Overwatch Heroes To The LE SSERAFIM Songs They Would Enjoy 24/7!

The LE SSERAFIM girlies are always slaying with their musical and fashion styles! They’ve decided to bless us again with their new single, ‘Perfect Night,’ which will be out on October 27th. We already saved a spot for it in our playlists. We know our favorite girl group never misses!

If you’re a gamer like us and you’ve been paying attention to the concept clips and pics for this track, you’ll notice that the members are wearing accessories from the Gentle Monster and Overwatch 2 collab. The girls are modeling while wearing the TOKKI eyewear, and not only do they look amazing with them, but they also have fulfilled one of our biggest dreams. LE SSERAFIM and one of our favorite videogames are coming together with ‘Perfect Night!’

We had to take this opportunity even further! So, to celebrate this amazing release, we’ve paired five of our favorite Overwatch heroes with LE SSERAFIM‘s discography! We hope you add these amazing songs to your on-repeat rotation while playing this game! Who knows, maybe you’ll encounter Fimmies in your lobbies. 👀

D.Va – ‘Eve, Psyche & The Bluebeard’s wife’

D.Va deserves the first spot on our list! The TOKKI eyewear collection is inspired by her mech and her most loyal companion, taking its name and color combinations. D.Va is one of the most iconic heroes of the whole franchise, and she’s the one who draws people into playing the game. If you’ve never played Overwatch before, you will probably select D.Va as your first main hero to learn her gameplay!

A fun character had to be paired with a fun track, so we obviously had to pair D.Va with ‘Eve, Psyche & The Bluebeard’s wife!’ We feel like she would listen to this song on repeat and sing “Get it like boom-boom-boom” while beating her opponents in the most flawless way possible!

Sombra – ‘Fire in the belly’

If Sombra could select the soundtrack of her Overwatch games, she would choose ‘Fire in the belly!’ This LE SSERAFIM track is so addicting and makes us move and dance instantly! We know Sombra would love to blast this song and cause mayhem around the maps. It fits her gameplay and her personality so well!

Sombra’s abilities were already so entertaining to use. But her kit got reworked this season to make her even stealthier and sneakier. If you consider yourself a more aggressive player, try her out while listening to ‘Fire in the belly!’ Let us know when you kill the entire enemy team by yourself! “Olé, olé, olé, olé!“💃


Sombra’s getting a rework for Season 7, and she’s got a Virus with your name on it 👾 #Overwatch2 #Overwatch #GamingonTikTok #Gaming #Sombra

♬ original sound – Overwatch – Overwatch


Who can resist smooth gameplay and a catchy track to listen to in the background while you’re sliding and confusing your enemies? Tracer mains worldwide should listen to ‘ANTIFRAGILE‘ all the time. Trust us, the hero would not be able to get enough of this title track! 

Learning how to approach your enemy team is crucial if you’re starting off with Tracer, and you always need a lot of bravery to be involved in the main fights of the matches. ‘ANTIFRAGILE’ will give you the confidence boost to channel your inner Tracer! This anthem will be her most played song if she could listen to LE SSERAFIM!


Wait ‘til you see Tracer on her bike 🏍 The Synthwave Tracer Bundle (Epic) is available now in the Shop! 🛍️ #overwatch2 #overwatch #gamingontiktok #gametok #gaming #tracer

♬ original sound – Overwatch

Widowmaker – ‘The Great Mermaid’

If you’re a Widowmaker main, you must constantly be focused on landing your shorts with your sniper. And you never show that you’re nervous. You’re the sharpest gamer there is, and that’s why we think ‘The Great Mermaid‘ belongs with Widowmaker’s style. The goosebump-inducing start of this song will make you feel like you can conquer it all! 

Widowmaker is also equipped with mines and a hook, which makes it seem like eliminating her enemies is the easiest thing ever! She’s determined to win. And with verses such as “I won’t give up” and “I don’t give you what you need,” ‘The Great Mermaid’ should be her theme song!

Junker Queen – ‘No Celestial’

Junker Queen might be one of the most intimidating heroes of the game (we shiver considerably when we have to play against a good Junker Queen main). Still, we know her guilty pleasure would be listening to LE SSERAFIM, especially since the group releases songs that could fit into so many genres. If any of the Fimmies are tank players, we would love to see them try out this hero!

No Celestial‘ is one of our favorite tracks ever, and we feel that this rock-esque banger fits Junker Queen like a glove! We will listen to it the next time we want to practice this hero’s mechanics! 

Did we miss any of your favorite Overwatch heroes that would stan LE SSERAFIM? Are you excited to listen to ‘Perfect Night?’ Let us know in the comments below, or tell us over on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! And to talk with us more about your favorite K-Pop groups, join our Discord Hive!

Need more K-Pop songs to obsess over? We got you!


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