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3 Creepy YUNGBLUD Music Videos To Get You Excited For Halloween

3 Creepy YUNGBLUD Music Videos To Get You Excited For Halloween

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Spooky season is upon us! And in this hive, we are celebrating in full swing. To celebrate all things dark, creepy, and downright weird, we thought we’d take a look at some YUNGBLUD music videos that we think fit the theme of Halloween perfectly!

Image Source: Tom Pallant

YUNGBLUD, our favorite ‘Lowlife,’ always puts out some really creative music videos, and we can’t help but rewatch a lot of them obsessively. Let’s take a look at our top three that give us the heebie jeebies! (In the best way, obviously!)


YUNGBLUD knew exactly what he was doing with the ‘fleabag’ music video, and it really has aged like a fine wine. We love coming back to this one. Having it in black and white throughout reminds us of older, classic horror movies. Not only that but the way that YUNGBLUD moves, as well as his expressions in the beginning and in snippets throughout, is similar to what you could see in Hitchcock. Also, can you imagine him as a monster in a movie? Dom scaling up your walls and onto your ceiling like the best-looking creepy crawly you’ve ever seen. Terrifying! (Or… the best thing ever?)

‘The Funeral’

There was no way we couldn’t include this one. After all, it has Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne in it! Because of that fact alone, as well as the dark, eerie vibes peeking through during the darker scenes, YUNGBLUD’s ‘The Funeral’ music video had to make the list! Obviously, the whole music video starts with Dom lying in a literal casket with the Prince of Darkness looming over him in a very Ozzy way. Legendary moment.

‘Psychotic Kids’

The ‘Psychotic Kids’ still may not know what they want, but really, we know at least one thing they want: more YUNGBLUD videos like this one! Seriously. This whole music video was a moment. YUNGBLUD kissing, playing with, and cackling menacingly at a bloodied brain, being locked up in a gloomy cell, being all wrapped up in a white straitjacket, flickering lights… It has everything we could have ever wanted for our spooky month. The only thing missing is spooky scary skeletons! ‘Psychotic Kids’ is our number one YUNGBLUD music video for Halloween.

Do you disagree? If you think we missed out on a YUNGBLUD music video that should fit in this list, yell at us! Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @thehoneypop! You can also scream at us on Discord, Facebook, and Instagram.

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