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KINGDOM Turned Our World With History Of Kingdom: Part Ⅶ. JAHAN

KINGDOM Turned Our World With History Of Kingdom: Part Ⅶ. JAHAN


Sound the sirens, the time has come for the return of the seven kings! We are celebrating the second comeback of the year for KINGDOM, with their History Of Kingdom: Part Ⅶ. JAHAN! We couldn’t be happier that we didn’t have to wait longer. These boys make bops that enter our playlists on the first listen, and we’re here to scream about their new release.

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Rise Up! ‘COUP D’ETAT’

One listen to ‘COUP D’ETAT,’ and we were hooked. One view of the music video, and we were on the floor. Seriously, how is KINGDOM able to always go beyond all expectations and create something unique and beautiful? The group truly holds power over all comprehension. It is no surprise that we constantly call them the kings of concepts.

‘COUP D’ETAT’ has a strong feel to it, especially with that call to action that is the chorus. “Rise up! Coup de de de tat” is now permanently stuck in our heads. We think everyone will agree that this incredible take on both the song and the concept fits so well with the king in the spotlight for this release, Jahan.

OK, we have to ask, did you see all those references? If not, maybe it’s the perfect time to watch the previous title tracks, just saying. 👀 We have scenes, gestures, and even lyrics that point to their previous releases and all we can do is scream, shout, jump around, and try to understand how this release is so good. We were so lost for words at first, that we needed a moment to collect ourselves.

Our Favorite B-Sides

Picking favorite songs has always been a challenge, especially when all the tracks have their own charm. We gave ourselves a task and picked two B-sides from History Of Kingdom: Part Ⅶ. JAHAN. Here they are.

The first one we will mention is ‘ON MY WAY.’ The way this song flows? It’s beautiful. We love too many parts from it, be it lyrically, sound, or vocal-wise. But we will point out these particular lyrics from near the end of the song.

“I see you all night / Dancing in the perfect spotlight / I just wanna do you right / Hey, baby, I’m on my way”

Now, did we get in our daydreaming mode during these lines? Imagine a modern ball, maybe a masquerade one, a crowd of people on the dance floor, and the main character in the middle of the room. The spotlight suddenly shines down on them, and the seven kings appear, making their way to them. Yep, we definitely started daydreaming there.

The next song we picked starts off with a slower melody, but the track is oh so powerful, that it made us tear up. ‘SANDCASTLE’ has a grasp on us, and we’re not complaining. In fact, we’re turning the volume up as much as we can. KINGDOM showed us what vocal superiority sounds like with this track.

“I feel like I’m lonely / I’m falling down / I miss you more”

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A strong start of the chorus like this? Definitely a cause for getting emotional. ‘SANDCASTLE’ might just be the hidden treasure in this comeback, and we are so thankful for it.

History Of Kingdom: Part Ⅶ. JAHAN is the perfect finale to the first Kingdom series. ‘COUP D’ETAT’ delivered and slayed from every angle: musically, visually, vocally, choreographically. The music video is incredibly beautiful, and the members showed once again their prowess. We can’t wait to see what the next chapter has in store for us and them.

What are your thoughts on Kingdom’s History Of Kingdom: Part Ⅶ. JAHAN? Are you as obsessed with ‘COUP D’ETAT’ as we are? What are your favorite B-sides from the album? We want to know everything, so we will be waiting at @TheHoneyPOP, Facebook, and Instagram.

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