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Deep Dive Into Bea Miller’s ‘gauche’: A Ballad For The Socially Awkward

Deep Dive Into Bea Miller’s ‘gauche’: A Ballad For The Socially Awkward

If you’re anything like us, you’ve been listening to Bea Miller since 2015. Even though ‘Paper Doll’ will always be that girl 🪆, there’s a new competitor in town, and her name is ‘gauche.’

If we love anything about Bea, it’s her relatability. She never fails to sing exactly what we all need to hear, from the OG tracks, ‘Young Blood’ to ‘Fire n Gold’, our girl speaks the cold hard truth 🙏. Her newest drop, ‘gauche,’ is no different and it had us in an immediate chokehold when we first heard it. A ballad for the socially awkward, ‘gauche’ reminds us that we’re all imperfect, including your favorite celeb or musician. No matter how hard you try, you’re bound to mess up and cause chaos 💥.

Let’s go on a musical journey together and deep dive into each verse of ‘gauche.’

Verse 1

“I know I’m a mess / I fuck up everything I do / Spill coffee on my dress / Forget words when I’m talkin’ to you”

Honeybees, if that ain’t about us, then we don’t know who she’s talking about. Spilled coffee ☕? Every morning without fail. It’s probably why our crush never notices us these days. The song starts off raunchy and raw, just vocals and a distant strum of a bass guitar 🎸. This is a new vocal side of Bea we’ve never heard before, and boy, do we love it! 


“I get down so bad, I’m under the floorboards / I try to be cool but only get warmer / And when I try to fight it / I just feel like I’m lyin’ / ‘Cause I’m a mess, but at least I’m tryin’ / At least I’m tryin’”

If you said you’ve never tried to fight your insecurities, we wouldn’t believe you! Everyone tries to act cooler than they really are 😎. Whether that’s around the popular girl, the football quarterback (who isn’t actually nice, but you try to impress anyway), or your crush sitting next to you in third period 👀 we all wish we could hide under the floorboards when we do something embarrassing.

Verse 2

“I-I-I-I-I-I / I know you’re impressed / The way I make it look so hard / I stumble when I step / See a pretty face and wreck my car.”

“’gauche’ is the most literal song I have ever written, which also makes it one of my favorites. When I was 18 I truly crashed into a parked car (I left my number on the windshield), while being distracted by a beautiful woman on the sidewalk. I stumble over my words, I embarrass myself endlessly, I overthink every conversation I’ve ever had, and I constantly make mistakes.”

Bea Miller in a press release

We think we’ve all been there. Mindlessly looking out the window at a red light 🚦and the most beautiful person just happens to be parked next to you…great timing! 😳

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“I’m tryin’, at least / I’m a mess, but at least I’m tryin’ / Say I’m a mess, but at least I’m tryin’ / I’m tryin’, I’m tryin’, oh / But I always just fuck it up, yeah / I’m a mess, but at least I’m tryin’ / At least I’m tryin’”

By this point in the song, the tempo picks up and we see Bea destroying a picture-perfect vase of flowers in the music video 💐. She’s destroying the ideal of perfection, but then attempts to put it back together again, and fails. The visual reminds us that it’s impossible to be perfect, and everyone’s definition of perfect is different. So why try to achieve the unachievable?

“I’ve embraced that I’m a mess yet I never stop trying not to be. Even the way we recorded the song was messy. [We had] a cheap microphone on the floor, with a click track and my friend Mikey playing guitar beside me. I think that’s one of the things that makes life feel exciting – finding a way to make the mess beautiful and unique.”

Bea Miller in a press release

If you, like us, can’t get enough of this socially awkward ballad, make sure you grab tickets to the gauche tour, kicking off in Boston 🎤! What’s your favorite trait about yourself? What makes your life perfectly messy? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPop! 🐝


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