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How To Create Your Ultimate Niall Playlist Ready For The Show: The Encore

How To Create Your Ultimate Niall Playlist Ready For The Show: The Encore

Niall Horan speaks the truth with his lyric, “It doesn’t get better than this.” He is absolutely correct because it truly doesn’t get better than being a Niall Horan fan. First came the extra tour dates. Now, the cherry on top is the newly announced deluxe edition of his third album, The Show: The Encore, which is set to drop on the 3rd of November. Also, the album includes incredible features like Lizzy McAlpine and John Legend. It’s safe to say Niall was onto something because it seriously “doesn’t get better than this” – besides a One Direction reunion. To celebrate the upcoming deluxe album, we’re here to give you the rundown on how to craft your ultimate Niall playlist.

Opening With Energizers.

Every great playlist should start with some absolute bangers. To truly start The Show, it’s imperative to add ‘On A Night Like Tonight,’ ‘Save My Life,’ and ‘If You Leave Me.’ These tracks are full of anticipatory energy and will get you in the perfect mood, whatever the time of day.

Sprinkle In Some Beautiful Ballads.

After belting out every note at full volume, it’s time to slow it down with some ballads. Because let’s be real, Niall’s ballads deserve their own section on any playlist. So, savor his honey-like vocals and enjoy more mellow melodies with songs like ‘You Should Start A Cult’ and throwbacks like ‘This Town.’ These tracks let you truly appreciate Niall’s vocal abilities against gentle instrumentals, and it’s always ‘Heaven’ to our ears.


Niall has already teamed up with some amazing artists. And we’re excited to hear the upcoming collaborations to be released on The Show: The Encore. Therefore, any Niall playlists needs a collaboration section. Songs like ‘Moral of the Story’ by Ashe and Niall and ‘Our Song’ with Anne-Marie. These songs are the life of any party and make for a fun mid-playlist mix. So, have these on repeat until ‘The Show’ featuring John Legend and ‘You Should Start A Cult’ with Lizzie McApline are released.

Songs For The Perfect Playlist Finale.

To wrap up the playlist, we’re bringing back the energy with songs like ‘Meltdown,’ ‘Heaven,’ and ‘Must Be Love.We chose these tracks because they have such iconic bridges that you must pause everything to appreciate them fully.

Can you tell we’re excited for The Show: The Encore? And, of course, we’re celebrating by presenting you with your perfect run down to create your ultimate Niall Playlist.

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How would you structure your Niall playlist? Are there any more sections you would add? (Directioners, we’re thinking of you!) Let us know in the comments or tweet us @thehoneypop! You can also chat with us about all things Niall on Facebook and Instagram.


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