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Zara Larsson Songs That Project Us All The Way To Venus

Zara Larsson Songs That Project Us All The Way To Venus

The queen of electric pop, Zara Larsson (duh!), announced the drop of her fourth studio album, Venus. This is huge news! And we’re freaking out! Every song, and we mean every song, that Zara puts out is a success. The pop girlies all over the world eat it up. We can’t wait to keep on chewing while being projected all the way to planet Venus in February 2024. 💝

Until February arrives, we’ll be blasting these Zara Larsson songs on our way to outer space! 🚀Venus, can we call you home yet?

‘Can’t Tame Her’

You truly can’t tame Zara Larsson! Her songs will pop off every single time, and there’s no stopping it. Whenever we’re in a rut and need a boost of self-confidence, we hit play on ‘Can’t Tame Her’ and instantly feel better! We even play this song before getting ready to go out; it’s one of our favorite hot girl anthems! And once we hit that dancefloor, baby, you can’t tame us. 🕺🏽

‘On My Love’

Just as the cover art suggests, we’re feeling young and free the second this song comes on! Zara’s newest drop, ‘On My Love,’ will be playing the moment we land on planet Venus. “Into the dark, into the light, I go,” Zara sings. And yes, this song definitely transports us into the light! 🌟🤩

‘Like It Is’

We love Zara’s songs just ‘Like It Is.’ There are no notes for Zara! Featuring Tyga and Kygo, this song makes us want to pull our besties to the dancefloor 🪩 until 2:00 in the morning! We’re “just tellin’ it like it is!”


We’re saying OMG, GTFO, BFFR, and ‘WOW!’ 😲 This song makes our “jaw drop” and makes us feel like the most legit rave girl ever. We can’t wait to see Zara perform live one day, concert goals af! 


If we could have a ‘Symphony’ of only Zara Larssons, we would! 2018 was one of our favorite years for music, and this song was a clear standout. I mean, it’s “on repeat” every single day! We wanna be part of Zara’s ‘Symphony’ so bad. Hit us up, girl! (Even though we can’t sing).


The last of our ‘Words’ is going to be about how much this song means to us. It’s certainly on our list of top three Zara songs. It’s just so catchy; how can we not sing along!? On our rocket ship to Venus, this is the song that will play as soon as we take off! 

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We’re so excited to see what new hot girl tracks come from Venus! There’s no doubt we’ll be transported right to outer space the second the album drops, but we’re not complaining. Make sure to grab tickets 🎟️ to The Venus Tour as it makes its way across Europe next spring!

What’s your favorite Zara Larsson song? Let us know in the comments below, tweet us @TheHoneyPop, or chat with us on Instagram! 🐝


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