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10 Positions Lyrics That Make The Dreamiest Instagram Captions

10 Positions Lyrics That Make The Dreamiest Instagram Captions

Ariana Grande’s Positions is an album that never leaves the rotation of songs playing in our brains every day. The mix of dreamy, sultry, and pop songs makes it one of the most perfect albums to pull Instagram caption inspo from! 📸

“So Come Run Your Hands Through My Hair”

Showing off a new hairstyle? Look no further than ‘my hair.’ The song is filled with lyrical opportunities, and we all know there’s a certain someone out there who we’re trying to impress with our new do. 

“Treat It Like Givenchy, It’s Expensive To Taste”

Go take those bougie mall pics, girl! 🛍️ Shop til you drop! In fact, treat yourself to that new purse you’ve been eyeing. ‘love language’ offers some self-love moments, and Ariana would be proud 😊 don’t let our mother down! 

“Baby, I’m Sold On You, So I Don’t Ever Gotta Test Drive Nothing”

You just got your first permit or license! Maybe you even just bought your first car! Congrats, now it’s time to show off on Instagram and play ‘test drive.’ You’re no longer test-driving but are an owner. Time to find a passenger princess…👑👀

“I Get Everything I Want ‘Cause I Attract It”

Only delulu people are allowed here at THP! Manifest that dream career, partner, house, and life until it comes true! ‘just like magic’ serves as our delusional girl anthem, but if anyone is obtaining dreams, it’s us. Don’t forget to head to Instagram and let everyone know how amazing you are with this Positions lyric. 

“Gettin’ Steps Up On The Treadmill While You Sleepin’”

Gym selfies forever! 💪🏽 While your high school bully, who probably still follows you, sleeps the morning away, you’re bulking up in the gym and making it everyone’s business. From one of our favorite Positions tracks, ‘obvious,’ this lyric is iconic and will never fail for a good workout post. 

“Just Let Me Be In Your Life Like That, Be Your Wife Like That”

The rock better be big, girl! 💍Don’t forget to post up on Instagram with this lyric from ‘west side’ on your engagement day. Or maybe you’re hinting to your partner to hurry up and put a ring on it… either works for us! 

“My Presence Sweet And My Aura Bright”

The perfect lyric from the opening song on Positions, ‘shut up,’ for a selfie (or two!). There is no better time than the present to put on a touch of your favorite lipgloss and some cute jewelry to access the most confident version of yourself! Your beautiful aura will shine through the phone screen! We’d hit that follow button immediately

“I’ve Been Drinking Coffee, And I’ve Been Eating Healthy”

On that healthy girl grind? Get inspired by this iconic lyric from ’35+35′ and snap a quick pic of your breakfast, coffee included, of course! ☕ Or, an even better idea, make a collage of all your best recipes and throw them up on the Gram for everyone to see! She’s a foodie influencer now 🥗

See Also

“You Know We Hit That Jewelry Store And We Gon’ Ball Out”

Featured on our favorite song from Positions, Ty Dolla $ign really made us feel like that girl with this lyric from ‘safety net.’ Treat yourself! Use this lyric to feel inspired to buy new jewelry, or show off what you already own! We see you! 💎

“No Phone, No Pics, No Postin’ Us”

Our final caption idea is taken straight from a Positions Deluxe song, ‘worst behavior.’ We’re never on our ‘worst behavior’… right? 😉 But this lyric is perfect to use when soft launching your new boo! Make the people jealous!

Now that we’ve established the best Ariana lyrics to use for your new Instagram captions, it’s time to get those pictures taken! 📷 Smile for the camera, besties! Which caption will you be choosing for your next picture-perfect selfie? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPop! 🐝


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