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Exclusive Interview: ‘IT’S UP,’ Your New Obsession Mya Craig Is Here

Exclusive Interview: ‘IT’S UP,’ Your New Obsession Mya Craig Is Here

Mya Craig interview

Ok, Honeys, gather around, we have a talented one for you today (again.) It’s none other than the impressive R&B singer Mya Craig. You may know her and her music, and if you don’t, fear not, we gotchu! What’s the best way to introduce an artist to you? Through their music, of course, and we have a little extra, we got a whole interview with Mya Craig just for you!

As soon as you press the play button on her songs, you’ll be hit with a wave of nostalgia. In our opinion, it’s a charm to have that kind of sound while keeping it relatable and modern. That’s how we feel about her most recent bop, and we think you’d like it too. We got the chance to talk to Mya about her latest release ‘IT’S UP,’ her growth as an artist, TMIs, and more! You don’t want to miss this one. Let’s get you to know a bit more about Mya Craig.

Mya Craig interview
Image source: Courtesy of SF Publicity

Hello, Mya, and welcome to The Honey POP! We are thrilled to talk to you! Can we start by asking you to give us an introduction to your music? What do you want listeners to experience when they play your songs?
Hi, The Honey POP! Thank you so much for having me! My music is a fresh take on RnB with a unique bounce, I want my listeners to come to me to hear the specific tone and sound while being able to vibe but also resonate with my lyrics and story.

Hearing ‘IT’S UP,’ we couldn’t help but feel like we’re teleported years back, listening to old R&B classics, but with a pinch of modern sound. What was your inspiration for the song and the process of working on it?
Thank you! That’s definitely my aim! The inspiration for the track was just a twist of perspective of when you’re first talking to someone, the feeling you have when you’re questioning if that person’s the right one or not – the inspiration is almost like I’m finally at a place in my life where I know what it is that I want and if you’re coming in you have to be able to match or be above where I am because everything is ‘Up’ for me right now. I’m not down anymore and never going down again. The process is always a fun one, Two4Kay who produces and songwrites for/with me just knows how to push me to bring out the best result, but it normally just comes natural to us vibing with the beat and mic, and we just run off the back of the strongest ideas and slot the right lyrics in place.

While still on the topic of ‘IT’S UP,’ can you tell us anything about how the idea for its music video came to be?
I have an amazing set of creatives around me, and my close friend MKM suggested Cubez TV to create a funny, skitty video to match the upbeat bounce of the track. We met up at midnight and sat down and together came up with the concept. We actually pulled it off in just over a week and filmed the visuals in one day. Camera Papi, who shot the video just always understands the assignment, and his talent of turning the idea into the visual is just amazing, I don’t know how he does it! Cubez really knew how to bring my personality out and how to elevate the video to become what it was. MKM knows how to just connect all the dots and visually make things look exactly how they should from the makeup to the location to the outfits.

We’re curious, with such a catchy song, and equally fun music video, are there any TMIs from the recording of ‘IT’S UP’ that you wouldn’t mind sharing with us and our readers?
There’s a lot on the day of shooting actually! My daughter was not having it that day, she was in the “baby mum scene,” she was moody and wanted chicken nuggets so I had to get her them before we recorded (such a diva like me I guess) she also thought the baby bump was real! I also injured myself while trying to vogue and do the splits, my hamstrings still aren’t the same months later!

You’ve been releasing music for a couple of years now. Has something changed in your creation/recording process from ‘4AM’ to ‘IT’S UP?’
Wow, so much has changed. When I listen to ‘4AM’ I really don’t know who that is. I’m so much more confident now and my voice has massively matured over the years, also the way I execute my leads and lay my vocal arrangements are just completely different. There’s so much more attention to detail but the main thing now is I work closely with Two4Kay who will make me do the take 57 times and end up picking the take with a slight crock in the vocal that’s slightly off the beat because of the personality in my voice. He really is a different type of creative, his attention to detail is like no one I’ve known.

Out of all your songs until now, is there one that stands out to you, and why would that be?
Unreleased, I have one called ‘Delusional’ that I’m just in love with. It’s raw and real and I just have no filter. Released, ‘You Ain’t Half The One’ will always hold a special place in my heart as it was the first release I believe gave me recognition I’ve never received before.

What kind of stories do you want to tell through your music?
A lot of my music is about heartbreak and this journey I’ve been on the past few years of finding myself whilst being a mother, whilst being human. I want everyone to be able to relate to me, no matter who you are we all experience similar situations and my music is my therapy so I just tell my stories hoping they resonate.

We’ve heard you take inspiration from a lot of big names and that you performed alongside a couple of legendary artists. Is there someone you would like to collaborate with in the future?
Yes! I have truly been lucky in my career so far, there’s many creatives I would love to collaborate with. UK-based I love Mnelia, Ants Live and Jvck James. There’s so many to name.

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We are sure you expected this question but we will ask it anyway because we are too curious. What are your plans for the upcoming 2024?
SO MUCH MORE MUSIC! I’m wanting to work on a project and just let go and give away so much more music. Hopefully more live shows but my main focus is getting more music and content out.

We can’t wait for more of your music to come to life. Can we get a hint about any upcoming projects?
Guess I kind of answered this question already in the previous! But yes! Be ready I will not disappoint. More music in a body of work, more visuals, more vibes!

So there you have it, our interview with Mya Craig! Did you enjoy reading it? How obsessed are you with ‘IT’S UP,’ and are you ready for more music from her? Because we certainly are! Drop by our socials @thehoneypop, Facebook, and Instagram, and let us know your favorite interview parts.

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