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Four Of Our Favorite Lyrics From ‘afterparty’ By Karina Stone

Four Of Our Favorite Lyrics From ‘afterparty’ By Karina Stone

Karina Stone

Supporting emerging talent is something we will always love to do here at THP! Often, these rising stars initially fly under the radar but are the industry’s ones to watch because of their incredible talent. Their music resonates with us through soul-stirring narratives and captivating melodies. That’s why we’re excited to introduce Karina Stone, our new alt-pop sensation from the Noth of England. Trust us when we say she will quickly become a favorite.

Karina Stone’s debut single, ‘afterparty,’ dropped this week, making it the perfect time to add Karina to your radar. This track is intimate and has a rich, mellow sound. Drawing from Karina’s own experiences, the narrative is a heartbreaking journey through youth. Karina Stone is gutwrenchingly honest in her lyrics, which is why we’re diving into three standout lyrics from ‘afterparty.’

“I can tell you hate my make-up when you smile like that”

The song’s opening line hits hard and instantly sets the scene for the story Karina begins to tell. It’s also a moment of introspection, showing us how much Karina has invested in her love interest to know this nuance. Honestly, it pulls at our heartstrings and prepares us for the complexity of a relationship that is about to unfold. Opening a song like this is brave and bold, which is a testament to Karina’s artistry.

“All of these red cups kind of look like flags, but I can’t resist ya and that’s a fact”

The party theme is intentionally ripe as Karina sets the scene for the aftermath: red cups are left empty everywhere. This symbolic warning sign is so cinematic we can practically see this lyric in our minds. It also makes this song perfect for a film soundtrack. We’re picturing a scene where the protagonist realizes their importance and true feelings after a tough time with someone they thought they loved. Of course, at an empty party with red cups littering the countertops.

“And the lights went dead, and you just left these empty bottles in my head, I’m cleaning up the mess you left”

Sometimes, we listen to music about certain situations without necessarily experiencing them. And we wouldn’t want anyone to be emotionally caught up with a walking, talking red flag. But it’s with lyrics like these that Karina uses storytelling to resonate with all listeners. We feel a lot of pain for Karina’s situation here. She’s completely alone, not just in the scene she paints but also emotionally.

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“Somehow you block all my exit routes”

We love this lyric because Karina encapsulates that struggle of knowing and recognizing toxic patterns yet feeling powerless to break free. In the song, Karina even describes how her friends have told her that her love interest is no good. The modern twist through this lyric really puts together the complexity of being in this situation and struggling to let go, even if you know how to.

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One moment to wipe the tears, please. Karina Stone’s debut release is heartbreaking but also exciting, as now we get to see the type of artist she is and look forward to what’s to come. What’s your favorite lyric from ‘afterparty’? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @thehoneypop! You can also connect with us on Facebook and Instagram.


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