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We’re Having A ‘Great Time’ With ASTRO Cha Eunwoo’s ENTITY

We’re Having A ‘Great Time’ With ASTRO Cha Eunwoo’s ENTITY

We’ve seen Eunwoo as an ASTRO member and an actor in some of our favorite and most iconic K-dramas. With so many OSTs under his belt, his solo debut was only a matter of time and patience. And the wait is finally over. Cha Eunwoo made his solo debut with ENTITY, and it was everything we wanted and so much more. Eunwoo participated in writing every single song and gave us a look into his mind in its most beautiful form. We’re loving every part of it.


ENTITY is a masterpiece through and through, and the title track, ‘STAY,’ embodies everything right about this release. The title track is the most addictive song in the album, with its pop melody encapsulating hope and pain all at the same time. It’s a truly bittersweet song as Eunwoo sings about holding onto someone who is gone. ‘STAY’ is all about nostalgia, and lingering feelings, and its chorus holds so much emotion – words cannot express it. ‘STAY’ is simply a perfect sad pop song, and we’re always here for that.

One of the elements that makes this song even more beautiful is the music video. You can tell Eunwoo gave his everything to this release, and made sure the music video embodied all the emotions the song holds. ‘STAY’ is a music video with beautiful visuals, gorgeous cinematography, and gutwrenching imagery. If you already loved ‘STAY,’ you’ll love it even more after watching the video.


ENTITY explores different themes in its b-sides through its soft energy and vibe, including love, loss, pain, comfort, and many other things. These songs are personal and special to Eunwoo, and one can just tell. They offer an insight into his mind and the art he wants to create and share. ENTITY is truly all about Eunwoo.

ENTITY opens with ‘U&I,’ a song that sets the tone for the rest of the mini-album. This soft song explores the warmth and comfort of an established relationship. It feels domestic and cute. The piano makes the song all the more unique and adds a sort of jazz spark to the soft music. Meanwhile, ‘Fu*king Great Time’ is a darker song with a hint of sexy energy – which is even more true when you watch the performance Eunwoo gave at his fan meeting. The song’s pop melody and vibe make it so addictive and enticing.

ENTITY shifts after ‘STAY,’ with the two last songs ‘WHERE AM I’ and ‘You’re the Best’ being the most profound and personal songs in the mini-album. ‘WHERE AM I’ is a beautiful ballad about loss, grief, and invisible pain that makes you feel lost and isolated from the world. All the feelings and emotions expressed in ‘WHERE AM I’ were also beautifully translated into visuals with its music video. This one is by far the most special song in the mini-album and the one we keep the closest to our hearts. As the song ends with “I’ll see you again,” it has an even deeper place in our hearts. 

‘You’re the Best’ is the closing track of the mini-album, at least on digital platforms. This is a guitar ballad where Eunwoo sings about his best friend, someone who brings him the most support and comfort. It’s a soft, heartfelt, sweet song to end the mini-album. But the physical version of ENTITY actually includes a special track that Eunwoo also performed at his first fan meeting. ‘Memories’ is a piano ballad that breaks our hearts every time we listen to it, but you bet once we have the studio version in our hands, we’ll be playing it repeatedly.

It is obvious just how much hard work and heart Eunwoo put into his solo debut, and it truly paid off. Eunwoo created a mini-album that lingers in our minds in the most beautiful way. ENTITY is simply a masterpiece and it feels like a gift to be able to hear it. It shows Eunwoo’s love for art, music, his loved ones, and ArohasENTITY is everything we hoped for and so much more.

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