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Your Found Heaven Tour Outfit Based On Your Favorite Single

Your Found Heaven Tour Outfit Based On Your Favorite Single

So we’ve been feeling like ‘Lonely Dancers’ lately. Conan must’ve found out because he gave us the best place to dance at, the Found Heaven Tour! The tour kicks off on July 11th in Melbourne, and we couldn’t be more excited to see Conan back on stage. If you were lucky enough to snag tickets, you may be wondering, “What am I supposed to wear?” Don’t worry, we’re one step ahead of you here and have compiled some outfit inspiration for you based on your favorite Found Heaven single!

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‘Never Ending Song’

This track has very retro vibes, so your outfit will, of course, also have retro vibes! Conan has been loving yellow lately, so a t-shirt like this one or this official merch piece will definitely match the aesthetic. These shirts could be paired with any black pants of your choosing.


In his own merch, Conan has taken on a baseball theme as seen on this shirt. Following that theme, we just think this top is Conan-coded especially paired with this tote from his official site. We’d recommend denim bottoms of any kind to complete your look!

‘Killing Me’

When in doubt? Ringer tee. It has a retro / 80’s look which perfectly fits the vibe of the album. This cropped or normal length tee works perfectly plain but if you want to go the extra mile you can use these iron on letters to customize your shirt with your favorite Conan lyrics!

‘Lonely Dancers’

Any ‘Lonely Dancers’ inspired outfit has to be fit for dancing! Any fun retro (are you tired of hearing that word yet?) top like this would fit the vibe and be perfect for dancing. To complete your look and match Conan’s outfit in the music video try a red leather jacket, we found something similar to the music video look here!

‘Alley Rose’

We’ve made it to our last single but first, we need to give ‘Alley Rose’ the same THP love his other singles have gotten. This track is devastating in the most beautiful way and we truly hope it makes an appearance on the Found Heaven setlist. If it does, the first thing you’ll need for your outfit is tissues and a pocket to carry them in.

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It might be a little on the nose to suggest a rose theme for your outfit, but when it works, it works! A Hawaiian shirt or sheer top would both fit perfectly for your look. If you’re looking for more subtlety this flower crown perfect matches Conan’s!

We hope you’re feeling a little more inspired for your Found Heaven outfits. If you’re looking for one last accessory, we’d recommend this star necklace, worn by Conan. It also comes with a copy of Found Heaven which is a win-win situation! Are you ready for Found Heaven on April Ninth? Do you already have your tour outfit ready? Let us know by tweeting us @TheHoneyPop or find us buzzing on Facebook and Instagram.


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