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Wish You Never Met WhoHurtYou? We Don’t.

Wish You Never Met WhoHurtYou? We Don’t.

WhoHurtYou is a ‘dark pop project’ under Fueled by Ramen. Jack Barakat, guitarist for All Time Low, and Kevin Fisher, songwriter, began this project as a way to cope with the harsh reality of a broken heart. Barakat, known as the happy-go-lucky goofball of the band, uses this project to speak out for the first time about his struggles with mental health. He admits that a lot of the way he acts on stage and online is to cover up how much he was struggling through such a difficult time. Realizing that they were both going through a similarly hard time, Barakat and Fisher headed to the studio to start writing and to put their stories out there for anyone else who may be struggling as well.


“The day I wrote this, I hated that I missed them.”

Jack Barakat

Released on July 21, 2019, ‘Wish We Never Met’ is the first single that WhoHurtYou dropped. From the very first song, it is easy to tell that this duo won’t be holding back any emotions with their music. This song expresses the anger that so many people feel when going through a breakup. ‘Wish We Never Met’ takes you through the anger that’s felt when you have to realize that you’ve fallen for the wrong person, that someone you trust could cause so much pain, and that no matter how angry you are at this person, you still miss them.

The song starts with that all-too-familiar feeling of wishing the person who left you was still by your side and hoping that maybe they’re feeling just as down as you are. It goes on to say that even though that person is no longer in your life, they still manage to mess with your head and “fuck you up.” The song ends with wishing that you didn’t miss this person and that it feels like the only solution to getting over the hurt and pain is if you had never even met them – a feeling that we have all been through before.

Although the lyrics to ‘Wish We Never Met’ are filled with anger and pain, the music itself is, to its core, a pop jam. Instantly making you bop your head along to the catchy and upbeat music this song will have you off your seat and singing along instead of crying in the shower like so many breakup songs.

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