Kingdom Hearts 3 Becomes the Top-Selling Game in the Franchise

Kingdom Hearts 3 Becomes the Top-Selling Game in the Franchise

Kingdom Hearts 3 officially became the top-selling game in the franchise’s history.

According to the latest NPD report, which tracks video game sales in the US, it’s the second best-selling game of the first half of 2019. The game is now the best-selling in the franchise history in lifetime sales (17 years). The NPD Group’s Mat Picatella sits down and looks over the month of June’s numbers in greater detail on his youtube channel. The third numerical installment of the game previously held the title of fastest-selling in the Kingdom Hearts series.

Kingdom Hearts III
Photo: Square Enix

Kingdom Hearts 3 launched with 5 million units sold within the first week of it being released. Between Kingdom Hearts 2 and Kingdom Hearts 3 spans a gap of 13 years. During this time, Square Enix developed and released other games within the series. Such as 358/2 Days, Birth By Sleep, and Dream Drop Distance – which are all available to play on PS4 under the title “Kingdom Hearts: The Story So Far.” Following Kingdom Hearts 3, Square also put out the Kingdom Hearts VR Experience. The VR Experience is available for free on the PlayStation Store.

The VR Experience is finally getting an update after a long, long wait. Following the release in February, fans were anticipating the update – now in works to be released to PlayStation users on July 24/25 2019. The Kingdom Hearts VR Experience isn’t considered a full game, more so a mini game that allows users to witness key points of the Kingdom Hearts series. Users interact with the heartless, allowing them to whack the creatures with Sora’s Keyblade.

Kingdom Hearts VR Experience
Photo: VRFocus

What We Can Look Forward To

A new update for VR includes the Olympus Coliseum world that is based around Hercules. Previously, users could pick from experiences within the Gummi Ship and Destiny Islands, where Sora, Riku, and Kairi grew up before they were thrown into the battle for Kingdom Hearts. The game is in 360 VR, all set from Sora’s point of view, and serves as a way for players to get familiar with the history of the game – or for die-hard fans to relive it from the beginning in a different and exciting way.

The experience shows flashbacks from previous games within the series. Along with glimpses of characters like Aqua, Axel, Roxas, and Xion, with glistening stars in the sky as the Destiny Islands trio look on at the sunset. It’s a very cute addition to the series for fans, even if it’s not technically “playable.” Anything to hold fans over until the release of Kingdom Hearts 4, right?

We can look forward to new additions to the VR Experience as time goes on, along with the Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC announced last month. The DLC will include new story content, boss battles, and the option to play as characters such as Roxas and Aqua. The latest update for the game was added back in April, which included the heavily anticipated Critical Mode.

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