Calum Hood and Jack Barakat: a Match Made in Hell?

This just in: Calum Hood and Jack Barakat. On again, off again? Hook up buddies? Is there something serious going on here?!? We’re dying to know!

But first, can we talk ship names? Jalum? Cack? — Jalum? Okay.

jack barakat and calum hood
Jack Barakat | Snapchat

It seems like Calum won’t have to worry about being as single as his fans any longer, not with Jack airing their dirty laundry. Barakat took to Twitter to announce their situationship, though, we’re wondering if we should’ve already known. With flirty tweets that lead back to 2015 — could they have been hiding this from us all along?

News broke of the pair late Tuesday night when Jack Barakat, of All Time Low, tweeted: “Actually I’m fucking him.” This tweet came in response to a fan, Réqu, tweeting pictures of their freshly bleached hair with the caption “am i f*cking Calum Hood or what?!?!”

Simmer down, Jack. There’s plenty of Calum to go around; speaking of going around – you can catch 5 Seconds of Summer on their co-headlining tour with The Chainsmokers. World War Joy kicks off on September 27, 2019 and features Lennon Stella as the opener.

In all seriousness, we’re living for this friendship. Bring on the Jalum content. Color us confused, though, because we definitely thought Jack was more of a Luke girl?

jack barakat and luke hemmings

And, yes, this article was a complete joke. (Unless Jack Barakat is one day reading this, then it wasn’t — and we completely support your relationship. Love you. Bye.)

Featured Photo: KayKay Blaisdell

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