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Fall in ‘Lover’ with Taylor Swift

Fall in ‘Lover’ with Taylor Swift

Gone are the days of breakup songs, backstabbing, and liars because Taylor Swift has a new man, or lover if you will. Her previous releases up to this point have been noticeably more upbeat and positive; we absolutely love that for Taylor Swift and her new single “Lover“.

Taylor Swift Lover
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Her past releases (in no particular order) have been “ME!,” “You Need To Calm Down”, and “The Archer” to name a few. All of which are written in the positive key of love. But, who, you may ask is the receiver of Taylor’s affections? None other then the debonair Brit Joe Alwyn. You may not have heard of Joe before and that’s okay (we hadn’t either tbh). However, he’s played a very important part in all this. He made our Taylor happy again! We are now Team Joe!

So without further ado, the true reason you’re reading this article: Taylor Swift and her new single “Lover”. Hold your applause and cheers until the end and then we can cheer with you. “Lover” is a sleeker song than “ME!”, it’s not bursting with confetti every five minutes but it does feature standard (and flawless) Taylor high notes. Although it makes it just a little harder to sing along to if you’re not a musical prodigy, that doesn’t mean we won’t still try to hit them (much to the chagrin of those around us.)

“Lover” is not a breakup song.

Taylors song is not about a breakup or a betrayal – so if you’re looking for a revenge hype up song, this is not it, we suggest you stick to “Look What You Made Me Do” (looking at you KKW). If, however, you wake up loving life, this is definitely a song you’re going to want on your playlist. Taylor expresses some of her slight insecurities regarding how hot her man is (we see your subtle flex, Tay), but other than that she’s a much tamer version of herself than what we’ve seen in songs like “Blank Space”.

Our final thoughts are as follows: we love “Lover”, when can we get a man like Joe (we’ll settle for a certain ex named Harry though), and what will Taylor grace us with next? (Hint: it’s an entire album which will be released on August 23!)

Check out the lyric video below, or download your copy today by clicking HERE.

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