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We’re Wishing We Could Talk Like Old Friends

We’re Wishing We Could Talk Like Old Friends

Old Friends

Talk to the people you love before it’s too late.

We’re back to talk about Grayscale again because they’ve dropped a new single on us and this time it’s bringing all the tears. Track six of their upcoming album, Nella Vita, is titled “Old Friends,” and just like the title implies, leaves the listener feeling nostalgic and sad.

Following the release of “Painkiller Weather” and “In Violet,” the band began sharing cut-up clips of old childhood photos.

The clips feature lyrics scratched across them, fire, and a saying in red that sprawls across the entirety of the three.

As to be expected from a band that’s clearly proven they know how to market their material, fans quickly began talking and speculating on what these clips could possibly mean. The general consensus being a new song.

Yesterday evening, the band returned to social media once more before the release of the song, to share the combination of the clips, displaying a banner that states “Talk to the people you love before it’s too late.” Isn’t it amazing how one singular sentence can make your heart sink into your throat?

With the knowledge that lead singer Collin Walsh’s cousin took his own life earlier last year and that Nella Vita is the result of Collin’s journey through that grief and pain, fans knew this next song was going to hit a bit heavier than its predecessors.

I’m sick of losing sleep and counting sheep again…

“Old Friends” definitely had us reaching for the tissues at 2am when iTunes sent out a mass email, letting fans know they could download the new single if they’d pre-ordered the album. Tackling those tough emotions and spiraling moments head-on, the lyrics tell a story of being lost and acting out of anger or hurt when you’ve lost a loved one. With a yearning to be back in the presence of that person, no matter what that might take.

Through the darkness of it all, there’s this little light of two people who are going through it but giving everything they can to be the light for the other. This particular feeling is something most of us can relate to. We’ve all been in our dark days, but still trying to cheer up someone we love.

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Watch the touching lyric video for “Old Friends” below.

With each new song that meets our ears, it’s more and more obvious how much the guys in Grayscale have grown and matured. As well as how much they’ve been through since the writing and recording process of their last album, Adornment. While the previous album still featured hard-to-handle subjects, it was one of angst and rage. Nella Vita is shaping up to be the story of love, loss, and major tragedy. All the while, being beautiful and wonderfully done.

We’re beyond anxious and excited to finally be able to listen to the album in full. Only twenty-eight more days.


Images and video: Jordan Mizrahi

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