5SOS’s ‘Easier’ Sounds Like Charlie Puth

5SOS’s ‘Easier’ Sounds Like Charlie Puth

The amazing shirts that 5SOS debuted on Friday seemed to be foreshadowing something, and look what we were recently blessed with! They gave us the new ‘Easier’ Remix, featuring none other than Charlie Puth!

Puth even alluded to a remix before it dropped, but the release date was definitely a surprise for fans today as they opened music platforms worldwide at midnight to listen to the collaboration!

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maybe we need to drop the remix?

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With everyone saying how much of a “Puth” sounding song 5SOS’s newest single ‘Easier’ was, and the fact the Puth also had a hand in writing and producing the track, it only makes sense that this collab came about. And we didn’t know we needed it this bad until right now.

It takes all the greatness of the original release and basically amplifies the falsetto. Luke Hemmings and Puth are definitely battling it out for the best high notes in this version of the song and we are living for it.

Puth even adds his own verse to the beginning of the song, with the lyrics starting out, “Why you always looking at your phone/ watchin’ people you don’t even know/ I could lay here by myself alone, self alone (yeah)” instead of Hemmings’ usual opening vocals.

After ‘Easier (Seeb Remix)/ and ‘Easier Live from the Vault,’ this is the 4th version of the single released as fans anxiously await the band’s second single, said to come out on the 23rd of August!

Despite the fact it’s not completely new material, fans are loving the new remix and many are super excited about 5 Seconds of Summer’s newest collaboration!

Take a listen to 5SOS’s ‘Easier’ featuring Charlie Puth below, and let us know what you think by tweeting us @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook!

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