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Alienstock: A Music Festival for True Believers

Alienstock: A Music Festival for True Believers


Get your Naruto run ready, nothing is going to stop an alien enthusiast from storming Alienstock FestivalFacebook could shut down the event page “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All Of Us”, but that doesn’t mean it would stop the two million Facebook users who said they’re going. It’s definitely not going to stop Matty Roberts, the creator of the Facebook event, and The Hidden Sound, an event producer, from storming the surrounding area.

The event page quickly became a viral meme. It claimed that the government couldn’t stop everyone if they all “Naruto ran” straight into Area 51 on September 20th. Although most people who said they were attending the event were most likely joking, there are plenty of people out there who are curious what is hiding in Area 51. Hopefully, curious enough to attend an alien themed music festival.

Roberts and The Hidden Sound wanted to celebrate the viral Facebook meme. They went to Rachel, NV (the closet town to Area 51), to ask if they could hold the festival. And to give all the true believers a place they could gather and discuss theories. Then these two spoke with industry-leaders of the music festival world to come up with a plan to organize the chaos this event created. Luckily for alien and music lovers alike, the small town with a population of 50 people welcomed the opportunity to turn their home into a festival.

Currently there isn’t any word on who will be performing here. However, it’s confirmed that it will be held on September 19th-22nd. The most information we have now is the promise of live music, arts, and camping under the stars.

Attending Alienstock Festival?

The event is free to attend, you don’t even need an alien to get in! Check out the website for information on parking/camping. You will also find directions, as well as a place to donate money to the festival. As well as any other details you may be curious about before attending.

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