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Grayscale: The Road to Nella Vita

Grayscale: The Road to Nella Vita


Going from angst-filled adolescence to grief-ridden adulthood, our favorite Philly-based band, Grayscale, has a brand new record dropping this Friday. The band has spent the last several months publicly building anticipation for their sophomore album with Fearless Records and we’re so here for it.

Being no strangers to branding or promotion, the build-up began (unbeknownst to the public) by mailing select fans a single piece of paper with a link that led to a sneak-peek of a new single, prior to the release of “Painkiller Weather” back in May. Originally operating as a standalone single, the noticeable shift in sound took some time to fully fall in love with, but after a few listens the track was irresistible on road trip playlists everywhere.

Come late June, all of Grayscale’s social media went dark. Within the industry, this tends to be a universal sign that something major is about to happen so it’s best to be on high alert. Fans quickly grew excited in anticipation for the official announcement. There was plenty of talk over whether it’d be a new single, a full-length album, or a new tour.

On June 30th, “In Violet” was announced as a brand new single and on July 1st, it dropped alongside its video over on Pop Crush.

Originally, the news seemed pretty small for all of the talk and promotion going into it. While fans were excited about new music, they held out hope for more. Fortunately, their wishes were granted…

Before the end of the day, Grayscale revealed that they were finally releasing a new album, titled Nella Vita (which means “in life” in Italian) and that it’d be available worldwide on September 6th for all to hear. They immediately launched pre-orders and multiple exclusive vinyl variants. Pop-punk twitter was buzzing and hyped-up over this news.

But the guys weren’t done just yet. The announcements continued to fall in line.

Days later, after allowing fans to stew and stress a bit over what could possibly come next, it was finally time to announce Grayscale’s first official headlining tour. From starting the year by watching them as an opener and ending it by watching them as a headliner, it was a proud moment for all. And within three days, Philadelphia (the band’s hometown and record-release show) was completely sold out. Since then, all VIP packages have sold out for all dates and several other dates are close to fully selling out with low-ticket warnings. The tour began on Tuesday, in Asbury Park.

That wasn’t the end of it, either. Prior to the release of the album, fans saw two more singles – “Old Friends” and “Baby Blue” – drop alongside their respective music videos.

There is knowledge of another upcoming single as well, due to a casting call that the band put on their social media a few weeks back.

One last final surprise…

Before September rolled around, Grayscale announced a series of pop-up shows around the US. These shows fell in major cities and had small caps placed on them (100 per show, except for Philadelphia which saw a 75 cap). The intention was to create an intimate environment for minimal fans to experience Nella Vita in an immersive atmosphere.

Upon arrival, it was obvious the amount of work that went into this experience to make it unique from anything other bands have done. There was a crafting station, polaroid images were taken, an acoustic performance, custom piñatas to smash apart, party games played with the guys and their team, exclusive themed merchandise, as well as rare Grayscale merchandise that’s been saved from the last two years of every merch line.

“The entire time felt more like a hangout than anything else and thats what made it feel so comfortable and fun.”

Kasey | @HarleyQuinn5225

“I was able to create the best of memories with friends old and new. I was able to interact with all of the boys and just have an enjoyable time without having to worry about […] not being able to see as some might worry with a general show.”

Tracy | @gonwitoutaTRACE

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“I loved how every member of the band was so involved with what the fans were doing at the pop-up shop. They were friendly and willing to talk to everyone.”

Morgan | @mybfismusic

“You got to meet each band member and have a conversation with them, rather than just saying hi and getting a picture. It felt like I was hanging out with friends which was really cool.”

Jess | @0kellyjess

Along with everything else the events offered, fans were able to purchase the album nearly three weeks early. This is an example of the trust the band places in the community they’ve created, as this is giving nearly 500 people access to their music weeks before the release, which sets up the potential for an album leak. Fortunately, anything that did leak, most fans were respectful enough to continue waiting for the release.

The entire event was a physical display of all the hard work that’s gone into creating this album and era for the band and the fans. It truly set Grayscale apart and created even more hype for those who were unable to attend.

Nella Vita drops on Friday and, after all this build-up, we’re beyond anxious to finally hear the masterpiece Grayscale has created.

Check out Grayscale’s latest music video!


Images and videos: Jordan Mizrahi

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