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Mourning Mac Miller: Our Love at First Listen

Mourning Mac Miller: Our Love at First Listen

It’s a year after his death and we can’t help but still mourn the loss of an artist as influential as Malcolm James McCormick; more commonly known as Mac Miller. A Pittsburgh native born on January 19 1992, the young self-taught musician started rapping in 2007. He exploded into the rap scene in 2010 with the mixtape K.I.D.S.

Maybe you’ve been following him since then, at the drop of that first mix-tape. It might have been during freshman year when you stumbled across him at a party that was blasting “Loud” through their shitty frat boy stereo system. Or perhaps, you only discovered him through his fiery relationship with Ariana Grande. Yeah, You know the one that illuminated the sky only to slowly extinguish itself in time (YEA WE ARE STILL UPSET ABOUT IT TOO). Whatever way you discovered him, we can guess that your first encounter with him was love at first listen. Mac’s endeavors didn’t stop there and in addition to his rap career, he was also a successful songwriter and producer.

Self-Taught, Pops

Teaching himself to play instruments like guitar, piano, and drums, Mac created a love for music within himself. This unconditional love brought a unique sense of passion to his tracks. His charismatic and often goofy demeanor brought in elements of excitement that made his work come to life while keeping them relevant and relatable. Although, his sometimes raw lyrics about his not-always-easy life helped to remind us that Mac Miller wasn’t just an artist, but more than that.

Artists are people too!

Sometimes, in the grand scheme of things, we as fans get caught up in our favorite artist. It’s vital that we remember that they are people too. People like us, who struggle with depression, with heartbreak, with addiction. Mac was no stranger to those things especially the year before his passing. And ultimately, they were the reason for his untimely demise.

A Celebration of Life

With features like Ariana Grande, Meek Mill, Wiz Khalifa, and Cobra Starship, he was respected in all genres of music. Making his death a true tragedy to the entertainment industry as a whole. In the past year, fans and fellow artists alike spent the year celebrating his influentially creative life.

Artists like MGK openly mourned the death of his unreleased collaboration partner (of course, we are dying to hear it too!). But found a way to celebrate his life in his song “Glass House” featured on his new album Hotel Diablo. With the flow “Just came from Pittsburgh, damn I miss my homie Mac” he made both an ode to Mac Miller and his beloved hometown. And of course, we could never forget the way our hearts broke when we heard Ariana belt out “Wish I could say thank you to Malcolm, cause he was an angel” in her hit single “Thank U Next”.

Tributes to Mac were plentiful with big-name celebrities throughout the year. All of whom dedicated emotional performances in honor of their fallen homie, that made even the toughest of us shed a gangster tear. Including artists like G-Easy, Drake, Niall Horan, and even Elton John.

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Mac Miller Foundation

One of the most special things that happened in the last year after losing Mac was the drop of the Mac Miller Fund. According to their website, The Pittsburgh Foundation started this fund in honor of Mac Miller, to support young musicians with resources to help realize their full potential through exploration, expression, and community. The fund also supports organizations that help youth aged 27 and younger with addiction recovery and post-treatment services.  

Continuing His Legacy

So if you were an avid Mac Miller fan, stan, superfan, or not, celebrate his life today. Remember him by donating to his foundation, reaching out to someone struggling, remembering the importance of self-care, or blasting your favorite Mac Miller song as loud as you can. I know I will. We miss you forever Mac.

Mac Miller
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