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Grayscale’s Generational Anthem “YOUNG” Becomes a Single

Grayscale’s Generational Anthem “YOUNG” Becomes a Single


With the exceptional release of their highly-anticipated album, Nella Vita, all eyes are on Grayscale to see just what they’ll do next. After announcing an album, announcing a headlining tour, and dropping four other singles, what else could they possibly do to impress us? What else could they possibly have time for? Fortunately for us, these guys never stop and even though it’s been less than a week since the release of their album, they’re definitely keeping busy. After a cheeky little tweet yesterday, the band dropped the music video for track four, “YOUNG.”

With a fun, dance-along beat, “YOUNG” comes in as track four on Nella Vita. Creating a call to our generation and the next, Grayscale uses the story within it and asks us to be better. Do better. Stop getting so caught up in the trivial things of day-to-day life. Focus on emotional connections. Be kind to another. Create a better world for ourselves and those that come after us. It’s up to us, and we can make a difference. Sit back, take a listen, and then dance it out. The lyrics will ring through your ears long after you’ve turned the song off.

We let everyone slip
to a place where they can’t
reach the edge, can’t get
out of their own way

Wicked space where we
hide inside, where it rains
every day and every night

So sing, sing if you got
something to say
Never gonna see the
light if you don’t speak
in the first place

Sorry eyes, said you’d
rather stay asleep, cause
your semblance of reality
is better in your dreams

Telling the story of the people of Philadelphia, the video for “YOUNG” features several scenes across the city of brotherly love participating in various activities. With people of all ages, colors, shapes, and sizes, it’s a beautifully simple way to get their message across.

The video ends with the only feature of any of the band members. Lead singer Collin Walsh is singing along to the track with a crowd dancing it out behind him. It truly brings the story full circle as the scenes flash over Walsh’s talk-singing.

You can watch the video now!

Songs like this are important, as they show those in the public eye using their place to ask better of us all while the world tends to feel like it’s ending right before our eyes.

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Let us know what you think! Does “YOUNG” have what it takes to be the next pop-punk anthem? Are you as glad as we are that they didn’t title it “Youngblood?” Share your thoughts on the video!

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Images and video: Jordan Mizrahi

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