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Let’s Get Naked, Honey

Let’s Get Naked, Honey

Prestige makeup brand, Urban Decay is one that holds quite a special place in my heart. The same no doubt rings true with other twenty-somethings as the brand has been known for innovation and breaking rules with its colorful, street-style packaging and flare for the unique. In fact, their tagline is “beauty with an edge.”

When I was in high school, some five or six years ago, the Naked palettes were everywhere and the Naked Smoky was my first eyeshadow palette from Sephora. I spent many evenings watching tutorials on Youtube, determined to get as many looks out of my $54 I spent (no doubt about half my paycheck back then). Fast forward to today, and while my beloved Smoky palette has been discontinued, Urban Decay is still releasing new versions of the cult favorite that blew up the brand, even re-releasing a revamped version of the original, entitled Naked Reloaded. Check it out, here.

On September 13, the Naked Honey palette was released.

photo credit: Taylor Yunk

Their newest is on trend with other brands, also releasing monochromatic eyeshadow palettes. Perhaps most known for this is Huda Beauty, and their Gemstone Obsessions palettes. Or a more affordable option, Colourpop, a California-based brand known for doing similar schemes with their palettes. They dropped their “Uh Huh, Honey” all-yellow palette earlier this summer, and it was a hit. So, will the Naked Honey be just as popular?

It’s arguable that Urban Decay is a little late to the party, having some scratching their heads as they jump on the tail-end of this trend. After all, the brand used to be the trendsetters, not trend followers. Nonetheless, the palette looks beautiful, especially on the bad-ass and beautiful singer, Lizzo, who gave us the first sneak peak back on August 13, comparing the 12-pan palette to Beyonce’s look in the 2002 Austin Powers, Goldmember.

As soon as I had the opportunity to lay my hands on this product, I dug in. Quite literally. Below are swatches done from each shade on the back of my hand, each powder swiped into twice to achieve maximum payoff.

While a lot of these shades appear a little light in the photo, they are anything but dull. The mattes especially have my attention. The swatches themselves are highly pigmented, and after grabbing my favorite Sephora Pro blending brush, they proved quite easy to blend. The colors diffuse nicely without fading out and the different tones seem to melt together like butter.

I was a bit underwhelmed with some of the shimmers, specifically the one I suspected to be the showstopper in the palette: Honey, named after the palette itself. In the pan, it jumps out. A bright, shimmering gold that I was hoping would gleam on my lids. However, the shade flops a bit for me. It’s not the most opaque, but it is pretty. If anything, I’d use it as an eye shadow topper, a nice way to amp up an already shimmery eye. Pop that baby over the center, and then you’ll get that payoff we all wished it had by itself.

As a whole, the palette is nice. It really is…just maybe, for someone who wears less makeup. Honey could make a great staple for someone looking for every day fall looks. Chances are though, if you own quite the collection like myself, this palette may not add a lot of value. While I love the way these mattes melt like butter into my skin, I have several other palettes with very similar shades. It doesn’t take away Urban Decay’s quality, which of course is wonderful, it just doesn’t quite scream innovative. We’ve seen these colors before. In fact, Makeup Forever’s “Let’s Gold” palette, has quite a similar scheme, with additional tones too. That one was released earlier this year, and is also another great option for the upcoming season.

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The quality is there, but the newness seems lacking. Urban Decay also released two other products as part of their Honey collection: the Honey lip plumper and the Sparkling Body Powder. Any of these products can be found here.

To learn more about Urban Decay:

Words and Photos: Taylor Yunk

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