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5SOS- Band Speak Out Against Fans Trolling.

5SOS- Band Speak Out Against Fans Trolling.

5SOS is a much loved band. So why do we troll their girlfriends so much?

When did we become a generation of people who post something without thinking first? It seems as though not even 5sos’s girlfriends can escape this sad truth, with a small group of so-called fans targeting them specifically. While most of the fandom is as supportive as ever, the minority has struck again. Except this time, it got the attention of the band members

Sierra Deaton has been an artist in her own right since she won the X factor US in 2013, she is a beautifully talented singer/songwriter, with endless amounts of charisma. She also happens to be dating 1/4 of 5sos, guitarist and lead singer Luke Hemmings. A fact that sadly, some 5sos fans seem to take offense to.

Whilst most of them love her and are happy for the pair, noting that Luke has seemed much happier since he met her. The few who don’t, certainly like to make their voices heard. One fan even posting a tweet comparing her to a cartoon character from the movie Chicken Little.

Tweet posted by 5sos fan, mocking Sierra.

5sos’s response….

Although the user in question, later stated it was only meant to be a joke. The damage was already done. Luke had seen the tweet and had decided he could no longer stay quiet on the subject. He spoke specifically of women treating other women badly, and how he sees this behaviour far too often.

I see stuff like this too often. It makes me sad women make other women feel like they’re not good enough. The same people that talk about kindness & being PC say awful things to someone I care about every day. I know this isn’t everyone but I see it a lot & had to say something. Link

@Luke5sos, Twitter

It didn’t take long for the other members to follow suit, adding their own comments to the lead singers post. Calum the groups bassist tried to lighten the mood and stated that “Sierra is a BEAUT” .

Whilst Michael the lead guitarist, whose girlfriend regularly comes under fire from fans, added his disappointment by saying

well said man. I usually don’t respond to stuff like this because I don’t want to bring attention to the negativity but it’s time something changes.. our fans should be kind to one another and to our loved ones. Link

@Michael5sos, Twitter

It also drew lots of attention from other fans, dividing opinion amongst them. with some pointing out it was merely a joke. Other fans however didn’t see the funny side, tweeting in support of the band and their girlfriends. they made it clear that making fun of someone is never a joke.

So when do we say enough is enough?

Do we wait until it gets even worse? Do we ignore what the band members have said? Its safe to say that in the age of social media, things can be taken too far even when its meant to be innocent. Perhaps as a fandom we can learn from this, we can let this help us realize that sometimes we need to think before we type.

Making a joke at someone else is expense can and will be seen as bullying. Because, how can you justify being horrible to someone, then claim it’s a joke, after you’ve been caught. Answer? You can’t and you shouldn’t have to.

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Let us all take a step back and realize why we joined the our respective fandoms in the first place. Was it to find an escape? Make friends? Or just enjoy a new band?

We all joined for our own reasons but we all have one common ground. Our love of the artists we follow! So instead of letting it divide us, we should be celebrating why it makes us all so unique.

Next time you go to tweet something, think first, tweet later. Actions speak a lot louder than words.

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