Fashion Fix: Kylie Jenner’s Adidas Vocal Sweatsuit

Fashion Fix: Kylie Jenner’s Adidas Vocal Sweatsuit

Welcome to Fashion Fix! Where we at The Honey Pop bring you the affordable fashion from your faves! We all know that celebrities can have the most incredible fashion, but not all of it is inaffordable! We’re giving you the hook-up on where to find affordable pieces or dope AF dupes on a budget. Today, we’re telling you where to buy Kylie Jenner’s Vocal sweatsuit…

If you’re looking to channel Kylie’s look, then we’ve got you, boo!

Image source: Zappos
Image source: ASOS

You can get the cropped hoodie for $59.99 from Zappos and the sweatpants for $60.00 from ASOS. Perfect for those workout days, travel days or just chilling days!

If you manage to cop Kylie Jenner’s vocal sweatsuit, be sure to snap a selfie and use #TheHoneyPop on social media!

To learn more about Kylie

Featured image source: Kylie Jenner’s Official Instagram

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