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The Beautiful World Of Jeffree Star.

The Beautiful World Of Jeffree Star.

Unless you rarely go online or venture into the YouTube community, by now you know the names Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star and will have seen teasers as well as anticipated the drop of The Beautiful World Of Jeffree Star.

Last year Shane filmed a mini-series with Jeffree which became a huge success for them both. Out of this, a seemingly wonderful friendship between the two has been born, which has seen them regularly make appearances in each others videos and showing support on social medias.

This new 9-part documentary has been in the works for a considerable amount of time. Not knowing what to expect from the series, several viewers came up with their theories, with most common consensus being an insight into the beauty community never seen before as well as the fact that Shane would come out with his beauty range or product.

Episode 1: The Beautiful World Of Jeffree Star

Image source: Shane Dawson
Image Credit: YouTube

The first episode was not exactly what I was expecting. However, the teasers of what’s to come in future episodes have me so excited.

The episode shows Shane following Jeffree on a Morphe promotional trail, ahead of a new collaboration between the beauty mogul and the ever-popular makeup brand. Seeing the fans running after Jeffree’s vehicle and the screams of the crowds is honestly comparable to a sold-out arena tour of one of your favourite bands.

There are references to certain people involved in Dramageddon II, but honestly, you need to go watch the episode for yourself and come to you your conclusions who they were discussing when they muted the names mentioned.

There is plenty of speculation within the YouTube beauty community so you can easily look up other people’s theories.

It was confirmed that we would be seeing Shane make a beauty line with Jeffree and in turn this was teased for us to expect in the upcoming episode.

Episode 2: The Secrets Of The Beauty World

Tea and Insight made this episode addictive and compelling viewing.

The second episode was what I, as a viewer, really wanted to see. It elevated my spirits that this would show us the things we don’t ever see when it comes to the behind the scenes of the goings on of the beauty industry.

We see Shane making decisions for his beauty line, choosing shades and naming them. As someone who loves make up, this was interesting to me.

Jeffree showed a side of himself I have always wanted to see. The business side isn’t just the promotion of his latest line or product. The knowledge Jeffree has in both beauty and business is really fascinating. I really enjou

The knowledge he has not just for makeup, but for business in general, is fascinating and something I really enjoy getting to see.

Witnessing the mention of what money Shane could have been earning was emotional. Though it has been highly debated by drama channels in the community that Shane is doing this for a cash grab, this episode shows that in the past Shane has never received a decent percentage of what he deserved in comparison to other people who have been doing the same job for far less time.

There was a suggestion of Shane making his own slime and dressing robe. These are two things that are famously part of Shane’s brand and longtime fans associate him with. I think this is a really cool idea and cannot wait to see what comes of this.

Let’s be real here. With Jeffree’s knowledge and Shane’s fans – despite what Shane thinks – this is almost 100% going to be a successful venture. It’ll certainly be a beneficial collaboration for them both.

Shane has been getting into makeup for some time and seems to have a real talent for it. So, getting to see him take direction from someone with very little knowledge initially was amazing. It shows we all have to start somewhere and may hopefully inspire others to try new things as well!

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Here comes the drama

There was some foreshadowing about Jeffree’s past friendship with another successful Youtuber, James Charles. Jeffree even said he thought of James as a little brother and that he was “so proud of him”.

Watching this scene with the knowledge of Dramageddon 2.0 made it emotional to see Jeffree talk about James. You could see how much he really did care for him. I’m sure the feud will be featured in an upcoming episode.

A major talking point of this episode was a real shocker. Jefrree exposed how little a percentage NikkieTutorials was given for her collaboration with major beauty brand, Too-Faced. Beauty fans have begun to boycott the makeup brand following the truth of Nikkie’s income from the collab opposed to the company’s hefty earnings.

What’s next…

Episode 3 has teased a lot of drama. We are expected to see not only what has been shown in the trailers, but never-seen-before footage from behind the scenes. Honestly, I cannot wait to see what happens next and share my thoughts and opinions with you all!

let me know what you think in the comment section below. I would love to here what your opinions are so far!

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