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Gnash Releases Brand New Single ‘Forgive’ – Here’s 5 Of His Songs You Need On Your Current Playlist

Gnash Releases Brand New Single ‘Forgive’ – Here’s 5 Of His Songs You Need On Your Current Playlist

Gnash’s new single ‘Forgive’ dropped last week, and delivers raw emotions through compelling lyrics and a relaxed melody.

Gnash's New Single Forgive
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The single was co-written with power couple Luke Hemmings (5SOSs’ frontman) and Sierra Deaton (former ‘X Factor’ winner) and is the perfect remedy for your broken heart. The minimalistic use of guitar and vocals gives the track a feeling of vulnerability. I truly feel a connection to Gnash and can put my hands up and say that I, along with many of us, will be able to relate this song to our own personal experiences. If it strikes a chord in you, it’s a definite tear-jerker.

Gnash is no stranger to making incredible music, so we’ve listed 5 of our favourite songs by the artist that you need on your playlist, whether you’re a Gnash newbie or need some recommendations for what to listen to right now.

‘I Hate You, I Love You’ ft Olivia O’Brien

This is a song you should be familiar if you often listen to chart music. The 2016 single was a top 10 in the US and made the number one spot over in Australia. The song was originally on Soundcloud and three years on, currently stands at 66.6 million streams. ‘I Hate U, I Love U’ carries the same kind of emotion as ‘Forgive’ and is a somber melody as the lyrics cry out for the conflictive emotions you feel during those difficult times with the person you love.

‘The Broken Hearts Club’

Keeping it honest and simple, throughout the lyrics and production of ‘The Broken Hearts Club’, this song is about acceptance of heartbreak that searches for a cure. It’s full of moody vibes that are accompanied by Gnash’s aching vocals and offers a comfort of being able to relate to the pain felt when love is replaced by hurt.

‘Dear Insecurity’ ft Ben Abraham

In this slightly more upbeat 2018 release, Gnash pens an open letter to his demons where he begs his self doubt to part ways with him. Gnash faces his self doubts, asking to be set free to be proud of who he is. It’s refreshing to hear a song like this come from a man, as society stigmatises mental health in men thanks to the likes of toxic masculinity. This powerful message is one that many of us can relate to and possibly find hope in as we face our own struggles.


From heartbreak to heart-skips-a-beat, ‘Something’ is a tropically-infused chill vibe with a slight hint of reggae. For those of you crushing hard, this is the track you need to accompany those butterflies.

‘Home’ – ft Johnny Yukon

‘Home’ pays tribute to family and loved ones in this laid back rap and shows just how eclectic Gnash is in terms of his sound. It’s an authentic and personal song which reminds you to be thankful for the people you call home.

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Gnash’s new single ‘Forgive’ is available to download and stream here.


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