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Watch Halsey Rollick With A Mysterious Girl Through A Carnival In Her Graveyard Music Video

Watch Halsey Rollick With A Mysterious Girl Through A Carnival In Her Graveyard Music Video

Halsey has dropped the music video for her latest single, ‘Graveyard’, off of her upcoming third album, ‘Manic’, which releases on January 17th.

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Directed by Anton Tammi, the dreamlike fantasy-filled video begins with Halsey in her bedroom as she sketches an illusion before being sucked into the drawing and appearing in an old-town style carnival rollicking through the amusement park with a mysterious girl (portrayed by Sydney Sweeney of ‘Euphoria’). As Halsey enters an aquarium tunnel, the girl vanishes, and the nighttime carnival of fun transforms into an abandoned set in daylight.

From the retro aesthetics to the costuming and storyline, Halsey’s ‘Graveyard’ music video is yet another masterpiece from the musician. What’s most admirable, though, is the queer representation. Fans and pop culture enthusiasts alike are certainly aware of Halsey’s activism in the LGBTQIA+ community, so it’s no surprise that she has opted for a female love interest. What I particularly like, though, is how it noticeably strays away from the “butch and femme” stereotype which media often depicts that there has to be a woman in a same-gendered relationship who needs to take on the “masculine” role. Both Halsey and the girl running around in big vintage dresses is a huge “screw you” society, before any cis-het tries to ask which of them is the man and which is the woman in the relationship.

Halsey’s fans are quick to search for any Easter eggs within the video and start to conspire the deeper meanings and for more hints about the singer-songwriter’s new era.

Some fans have created threads of opinions suggesting that we see Ashley at the beginning, creating the persona of Halsey, the artist we have come to know and love today.

Another eagle-eyed fan notices the smaller details such as the disappearance and reappearance of Halsey’s tattoos.

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We at The Honey Pop are hoping to see more unravel throughout the ‘Manic’ era and hope we can fit the pieces together to see the story that Halsey is trying to tell!

Have you got any theories about Halsey’s ‘Graveyard’ music video? Be sure to tweet us @THPMag because we love a good conspiracy! To Learn More About Halsey


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